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  1. Gentlemen, I have PMDG aircraft in FS2004 (767-600-700 +767-400) and FSX (767NGX 700-800 +767-400). I have the disc for these aircraft. Can any be operated in Prepard3D V4? Thanks. Stanner
  2. Gentlemen, Will the PMDG aircraft I have in FS2004, and FSX operate in FSX Steam? I am referring to FS9 737-600-700, and FSX 737NGX and 747-400 aircrafts Thanks Stanner
  3. Gentlemen, Can FSX Gold Edition operate on Windows 10? Can FS9 (2004) operate on Windows 10? Thanks. Stanner
  4. Gentlemen, Just purchased Eurowings 2004 A319/A320 from Aerosoft. Big mistake. Now I know why it was so cheap in price. The Autopilot does not display numerical values in the Autopilot; SPEED, HEADING, ALTITUDE or VERTICAL SPEED. The entire areas is just a black rectangle. I have installed the software twice. It seems this product was developed for FS2002 and tweaked for FS2004. I am surprised at Aerosoft for selling this ancient software. Many of the dials etc., are not functional. Does anyone have experience with this product? I can find no patches on Aerosoft for Eurowings etc. Any help or suggestions are welcomed. Thanks, Stanner
  5. Gentlemen: I do add the suffix digit 01 at the end of the plan name. I have set the path to the correct folder. This is why FSC saves it to the correct folder as I have noted. I do tick the Aerosoft Airbus box. I still get a plan in the PLN format. Stanner
  6. I have FS Commander 9.6 for FSX. Aerosoft Airbus 318/319 for FSX requires flight plans in the FPL format. When I create a flight plan using FS Commander 9.6 for FSX, the plan is in the PLN format. When I load the plan in the MCDU of Aerosoft A318/319 I get the message NOT IN DATABASE. I know the plan is in the correct Flight Plan folder which is found in Windows 7 C:\user\my name\my documents\Aerosoft\Airbus\Flight Planss. In this folder are other flight plans created by Aerosoft PFPX, and these are all in the correct FPL format. However, the plan in this folder created by FC Commander is in the PLN format. How can I create a flight plan in the FPL format using FS Commander 9.6 for FSX? Thanks, Stanner PS tried Aerosoft support forum....no help
  7. Jim, I have removed all the FSX files I could find. I will do a reinstall and hope it takes. I had a heck of a time deleting aircraft and scenery codes from the registry and c:\Program Files(x86) InstallShield Installation Information. (I have Win7 64 bit.) I did a registry clean with CC Cleaner. What a mess! Thank you for your help. Stanner
  8. I installed Plan-G and while connected to FSX my computer crashed and got a black screen. When I rebooted my FSX folder and PLan-G folder were both gone, off my disc drive. Now I have no FSX. Stanner PS anything like this happen to you with Plan-G?
  9. Jim, Thank you for taking the time to reply to my post. I had FSX installed on my "D" drive. I did a START SEARCH for Microsoft Flight Simulator X and only found the two files mentioned. I also did a search through START SEARCH of the D drive and found no FSX folder. I also used Windows internet Explorer to search the D drive. No FSX folder. I went directly to the D drive (Computer-D drive) and no FSX. I am using Windows 7 How can a crash to the Black Screen delete an entire program? It also deleted the Plan-G program. I had to reboot after the crash. Will I have a problem reinstalling FSX (I have the Gold Edition) in view that it was not correctly deleted? (Assuming it was deleted). Thank you. Stanner PS I posted the same question on the Pllan-G forum, and they said they never heard of a computer crash deleting a complete program. Also they had no idea why it crashed.
  10. Has anyone had problems operating Plan-G with FSX? Would appreciate comments on your experience with Plan-G and FSX. Thanks. Stanner
  11. I had Plan-g open with FSX operating in the background. Then the computer crashed and I got a BLACK SCREEN. When I rebooted I found that my FSX folder had disappeared. In the Windows 7 PROGRAMS AND FEATURES, FSX was NOT LISTED. The only FSX files remaining were where the flight plans are located, and the file where the FSX.cfg file is located. Questions: 1. I assume there is no way to recover the FSX files. Is this correct? ( I tried a reset to an earlier date with no success). 2. Since FSX was not properly uninstalled, will I have a problem reinstalling FSX? (I have the FSX Gold edition) 3. I deleted Plan-G. What could have caused the computer to totally crash to a black screen? 4. What could have caused the complete removal of FSX? Thanks. Stanner
  12. Try FlyUK Virtual airlines at flyuk.aero You need to make one flight per month to stay active. As an entry level pilot you have several aircraft available to you. Stanner
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