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  1. Gentlemen, I have PMDG aircraft in FS2004 (767-600-700 +767-400) and FSX (767NGX 700-800 +767-400). I have the disc for these aircraft. Can any be operated in Prepard3D V4? Thanks. Stanner
  2. Gentlemen, Will the PMDG aircraft I have in FS2004, and FSX operate in FSX Steam? I am referring to FS9 737-600-700, and FSX 737NGX and 747-400 aircrafts Thanks Stanner
  3. Gentlemen, Can FSX Gold Edition operate on Windows 10? Can FS9 (2004) operate on Windows 10? Thanks. Stanner
  4. Gentlemen, Just purchased Eurowings 2004 A319/A320 from Aerosoft. Big mistake. Now I know why it was so cheap in price. The Autopilot does not display numerical values in the Autopilot; SPEED, HEADING, ALTITUDE or VERTICAL SPEED. The entire areas is just a black rectangle. I have installed the software twice. It seems this product was developed for FS2002 and tweaked for FS2004. I am surprised at Aerosoft for selling this ancient software. Many of the dials etc., are not functional. Does anyone have experience with this product? I can find no patches on Aerosoft for Eurowings etc. Any help or suggestions are welcomed. Thanks, Stanner
  5. I installed Plan-G and while connected to FSX my computer crashed and got a black screen. When I rebooted my FSX folder and PLan-G folder were both gone, off my disc drive. Now I have no FSX. Stanner PS anything like this happen to you with Plan-G?
  6. Has anyone had problems operating Plan-G with FSX? Would appreciate comments on your experience with Plan-G and FSX. Thanks. Stanner
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