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  1. Hello, I would like to tune into this thread, as I also have a problem with the lateral flight of an RNAV approach if I have previously been guided by vectors through ATC. Ultimately, I will not fly off the complete STAR / Approach Transition, but will be guided by ATC from any point on more or less frequent directional guidelines for intercept the Final Approach course. So I'm flying with LNAV, I've also armed the approach before, I get directions from ATC and break out of preprogrammed routing. The remaining navigation points up to CF / IF are no longer served. At some point the final direction is given to intercept the final approach course. Now I have understood that by means of the ACT APP I remove all remaining navigation points between my position and the CF / IF, at the same time the approach baseline is extended by 50 NM to give me and the FMS a reference to intercept the final approach course , At the same time I enter on the NAV Page the last direction of ATC, or confirm this, since the current HDG should be adopted. As I approach the approach baseline, the aircraft intercepted the final approach. Unfortunately that does not work in the Dash 8 by Majestics. First I have to cancel LNAV HDG, then I can activate the Approach (ACT APP). before I get ACT APP displayed, but it does not respond. If I fly on, the plane overflies the approach baseline and refuses to intercept the final approach course. Is it on the non-actuated INTC prompt on the NAV page? The next time I pressed it enough, but what does the Dash do, it immediately turns away from the assigned HDG to read the Final Approach at an angle of 60 °, as we read in the manuals, but this is not intended , the ATC said something else. I have tried everything several times in different combinations, but I'm not really smart. In the Majestics Forum, I have also started a post, but also not really helpful answers. http://majesticsoftware.com/forums/discussion/502/vectoring-before-rnav-approach#latest Unfortunately the Airline2 video is only limited to the complete flying after the given routing. I do not have a problem with that.
  2. Hello, I also bought the FO training program now, mainly because of the RNAV episode. Unfortunately, I am disappointed because the short flight did not bring the information that I had hoped for. The departure of an RNAV approach is rather not the problem, the process is as described in the documents. What unfortunately does not work for me is an RNAV approach with previous vectoring. The APPR ACT does not respond at all and thus does not respond to a course predefined by ATC. I've looked at a lot of documents for that, but it's not working as it should. I sincerely hope that there will be a supplement for this essay, which should certainly be normal in everyday life. With best regards Frank
  3. Hi Sebastian, i´ve simpe followed all steps (without 6a) from answer 7 on this thread. http://forum.simflight.com/topic/77521-ai-traffic-switch-from-old-doha-to-new-doha/ Before i´ve reinstall and then new install MyTraffic2010 and additional i´ve change the hombase from Qatar Airways via the MT editor. Now, Quatar Airways is present in OTHH with random generated flights, but in OTBD are also a few Airlines present. This is not 100% correctly, but i´ll make only a few flights from and to OTHH. Best regards from Germany Frank
  4. Hello Sebyh, thanks, but in the past time i´ve succesfully change the traffic with MyTraffic2010, OTHH is full now with Qatar Airways. Best regards Frank
  5. Whyever, after many new tests and installations "create files, schedules, traffic" then "create all files and traffic" i´ve Qatar airplanes at the OTHH gates. In the MT / Scenery Folder i missed the OTHH file but the OTBD files is placed and in OTBD 2 airplanes are stand at the parking positions Frank
  6. Hello, i means, that i´ve finished all steps succes. My Traffic in OTBD is now to disappear, but the traffic in OTHH is missed. Only my aircraft is standing at the OTHH gates and parking positions. I use My Traffic 2010 but without SDK?! Best regards Frank
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