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  1. Its very good for routeplanning and to add the Sids and Stars so easy going..Great Program guys !
  2. Many thanks for the whole team! What a nice start of 2019 ! John Folkeringa Belgium Ryzen 5 2600X 16Gyg memory Msi MB Gaming Pro
  3. I cannot believe serious flightsimmers will pay this amount of money for a plane which mmay the good looks but does not have a proper functioning FMC....too bad. JohnF
  4. I have for several planes this beautifull program and i would like to buy this immersion B747 however I got the impression that it is not for sale yet? John folkeringa Belgium
  5. Why not a type of aicraft which has not been done properly like the Airbus a350 ? Or has it have to be an American build aicraft? I wish you all happy flights,,,:) John Folkeringa
  6. For me the exciting times started when I purchased PMDG "s first B737NG long long time ago......... I am now flying the Prepar3d v4.1 and I must say : smooth flying and no OOM"s just great! Ofcourse my flightsim is filled with PMDG planes!
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