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  1. Hi Martyn Unbelievable - a Turbo Arrow IV for FSX / P3D!!! Can't tell you how long I've been waiting for this plane in good quality. I have just been pointed at this thread in another (German) forum and have just restarted my FS career after sevral years of absence due to real life commitments. As an owner and pilot of a P28T in real life I can't wait flying this great plane in FS as well. And specially seeing that you chose D-EAIV as one of the paint options. This plane was based in the same hangar as mine and is in excellent condition. Reading all the features of the Arrow III I'm not sure if I can wait for the T-Arrow. Maybe there will be a III in my virtual hangar soon. Just one question: is there an option for a more modern version of the radios planned as well? I'm using a 430 together with all the other Garmin stuff (audio panel, x-ponder). Thanks again for taking care of this wonderfull and often underestimated plane (OK, I'm biased) BR Andi
  2. If PMDG won´t do it, I´ll do it! When the paintkit is available, I´ll do a standard Austrian and the OE-LNK but let´s see what will be on the final list at PMDG
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