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  1. redduke

    Check list for Falcon 50

    I have printed the ck list, thanks for the help guys!
  2. redduke

    Check list for Falcon 50

    Is there a printable ck list for the Falcon 50 or is there a way to print out the ck list that come's with the a/c ?
  3. redduke

    After update no GTN750

    After the last update the panels for the 750s are in the console but will not function. I reloaded using the installer for the gps. In the control panel for the a/c everything works fine, popups, functions. I can't find a way to get the panels in the cockpit to work. Everything worked fine before.
  4. redduke

    How to cool the cabin?

    You have to start #4 or #1 engine to start the cabin superchargers for it to cool down. I haven't figured out how to cool it down, but that's a start. K S Kolashinski
  5. redduke

    Virtual cockpit unreadable buttons

    Eighty dollars and 64 bits you would think you would have a much sharper instrument panel and screens. Take a look at the 737NG in FSX if you want to see what it should look like. Redduke K S Kolashinski
  6. The operations center is indicating that I have loaded the 747 in FSXSE. The A/C is loaded in FSX and there is no problem with A/C but can't get anything in the ops center. Redduke
  7. redduke


    Are there any plans to bring the DC-6 to FSX in the next year or two ?
  8. I was wondering if there are any repaints for this A/C? I find there is just the one in the library.
  9. redduke

    Lost the HUD

    I reloaded the 737 NGX and all back to normal. Thanks for the in advice. Redduke K S Kolashinski
  10. redduke

    Lost the HUD

    The Heads Up Display swings into position but it's just clear glass. No information at all, I have tried the dimmer, that's not the problem . Any ideas what would cause this ? Redduke
  11. redduke

    Flight1 GTN V5 now available.

    Bert Received your email, yes I uninstalled both the GNT 750 and the trainer and installed the trainer and then the GNT 750. I have uninstalled both and downloaded both and reinstalled with the same results nothing is working. Everything was working fine before the update. Any ideas how to solve this problem greatly appreciated. Redduke
  12. redduke

    FLight1 GTN V5 released

    After uninstalling the old trainer and installing the V5 trainer the 750 GTN is no longer connected to the battery bus or the avionics bus. How do you solve this problem ? Redduke
  13. redduke

    Comm Radios Out

    I would like to thank all of you for your input on this problem of mine. I updated the drivers for the sound card and that solved the problem.
  14. redduke

    Comm Radios Out

    My FSX is the Gold version. I have tried the suggestions and still no comm radios, I have checked the radios on all my a/c and they are all on and I checked the volume. I know it has to be something simple, but me being a simple man I haven't found it. I appreciate your input, if you have any other suggestions I'll be glad to give them a try.