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  1. Thanks Murmur, I’m struggling to understand the format, but I’ll take another look at this tomorrow. Thanks, whilst I do understand that, I’m reasonably sure the purpose of leaving the controls at their neutral point whilst a timer elapses is to adjust the apparent centre. The dialogue box in the X-Plane wizard says as much. Whilst I agree adjusting the curve would be the ideal solution, this isn’t possible when the axis is set to pitch so far as I can tell. The response curve dialogue only exposes half the curve in this case, so you just end up with a massive null zone.
  2. Hi folks I’ve recently bought a yoke off eBay and whilst it works great, the neutral point of the pitch axis is considerably off centre. There’s considerably more up elevator resolution available, and so with the yoke neutral a considerable nose down input is detected by my PC. This hasn’t proved a problem with either P3D or FS2020 because after calibrating it with the default wizard in device manager, it shows as being nicely centred. X-Plane however seems to ignore this calibration and after running its integrated calibrator, the neutral position remains unchanged despite me leaving the controls centred and letting the timer elapse as directed. Furthermore, the response curve editor is of no use so far as I can see because it exposes only half of the curve and mirrors it. Therefore it doesn’t seem possible to alter the neutral point, only create an enormous dead zone. Does anyone know of a function in the UI that I’ve missed, or alternatively a config file I could edit to fix this? Many thanks
  3. Thanks so much for your help everyone, I ended up getting both Schiphol and Malpensa.
  4. Good call, I didn't recall seeing Malpensa on their master compatibility list, but that really is an exciting option. Thank you!
  5. Thank you very much. Aerosoft's Oslo seems tempting :). The idea of landing on a snowy runway marked in yellow sounds pretty novel.
  6. Hi everyone I realise this may seem a bit obvious, but I was hoping for some help in choosing a new scenery for v4. I never owned many airports for FSX (most of my budget went into aeroplanes) and those which I did are not v4 compatible (for now at least). What I'm looking for is a major European hub with multiple runways and ideally a bit of 747 traffic (for now, PMDG's new 747 is my only v4 add-on aeroplane). Despite having had a good look at multiple developers compatibility lists, all I've found which really takes my fancy so far are FlyTampa's Schiphol and UK2000's Heathrow. Of those, I'm only really considering Schiphol since I've heard Aerosoft's Heathrow v2 always ran a little faster in previous sims and I prefer the way it looks too (no disrespect to UK2000, their products look wonderful). All I want to know really is whether there are some other options worth taking a look at?
  7. Hello everyone I've just bought P3D v4 (my first version of Prepar3D) and I was hoping someone in the know could point me toward a good model set for vPilot. I've had a good search/Google for info or open threads but could only find information pertaining to the limitations of the WoAI set (which I've very much enjoyed using with FSX) with some model's animations and textures not working properly. Please accept my apologies if this info has already been made available, I'm really not trying to clutter the forums here. Anyway, since I have a clean install and know very little about the platform, I'm not to keen break something by using trial and error in searching for a compatible model set. I'd prefer something freeware, but I'm prepared to go payware if it's the only option. Does anyone know for example if the IVAO v2 P3D set is compatible with P3D v4? Kind regards Charlie Reed
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