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  1. As someone said here I do own FSX Deluxe and I installed it to see but never really explored it. I am staying for now with FS9, I have so many add-ons and now to move to FSX will mean start all over again. For now to expensive :-)So, what I wait is to get more real, I know they are so many people out there working on the great add-ons that make our flights even more exiting.When I fly beside the FS i regularly use FS2CRew, AES,FS Passenger, FS Flight Keeper, TOPCAT, then VROUTE PREMIUM, what I am hopping is that maybe, somehow, someone will find a way to put all those programs together.Just Imagine:You are planing your flight and you go to VROUTE to check you flight route etc-...in TOPCAT you put all the values, then the route from VROUTE you export into the FS (aircraft flightplan, FSFK, TOPCAT (because they miss SID/STARS).Then you go to the cockpit..the info from TOPCAT are into the FS2Crew so when you get your load sheet the number are the same. You prepare the boarding with FS Passenger (numbers of pax and payload, and even route is already determined by TOPCAT) and when you hit start boarding the AES start the boarding, of course after the catering, cleaning and fuel track left the plane) so you have real pax boarding the plane...and all that is controled by FS Flight Keeper (the aircraft data, then you feed your passenger - and of course the time the cabin crew needs to serve the passengers depends also on how many pax they are serving the passenger, more pax more time, less pax less time etc..) I think if we open now a new topic and ask people if they could make an all in one add-on some great idea's would come along and who knows where we could be in 1-2 year...Regarding the air planes on the market and the sceneries we came really realistic with that, specially after Fs2Crew voice commander came along. But I think what the simmers are waiting are the add-ons like those I mentioned and those I am actually using. Also, the biggest issue (and I saw that FSX didn't change much) is the default ATC inside the FS, because you are not in the mood all the time fly on-line specially if no ATC is on-line in the region you are flying.When we talk about Fs2 Crew I only hope you want start to do things only for FSX, like some other developers do, I can't wait for example to have MD11 voice commander and maybe even Fokker 70/100 from Digital Aviation that I just bought few days ago and I am amazed by this aircraft and I am putting it just next to Maddog. Great plane, so let's hope the technology will rise up to give us details we all need to see...You know actually is all about spices now in this "meal" :-))As it's tomorrow, I wish you all Merry Christmas!!!