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  1. pbhead

    PMDG activation

    I have tried the support and it not very helpful at all. It is knowledge based and does not allow you to enter a new ticket. Peter Evans
  2. pbhead


    This is my topic but I forgot to add my name it is Peter Evans. Please don't ball me out for this oversight. Peter Evans
  3. pbhead


    When I try to reinstall my PMDG 737 and 777 I get a message that says that I have exceeded my maximum authorization limit. How can I get around this.
  4. When I try to install and run PMDG 777 and PMDG 737 I am told that activation is denied as the maximum extra activations has been exceeded. These are boxed sets and there should be no limit on the number of times it can be loaded to FSX. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  5. pbhead

    too many activations

    I have been trying to re-install PMDG777-200LR/F andPMDG737-NGX but keep getting this error message. It is telling me " Activation is denied because Maximum extra activation is exceeded" I guess this means that I have installed it too many times. These are boxed sets and I was not aware that there was any limitation. How can I get around this. Peter Evans
  6. pbhead

    PMDG 737NGX Activation

    I have not been active on FSX for a while so recently had it re-installed. When I tried to install PMDG 737 and 777 I got a message saying that I had exceeded the maximum extra activations Incident #827-4223115. I think I got a similar message for the PMDG 777 also. How can I install the planes. I wasn't aware there was a maximum number of times I could install these beautiful aircraft. Peter Evans
  7. I had computer problems and had to re-install FSX Gold Edition using Windows 7. I got the message "1607: Unable to install InstallShield Scripting Runtime" What does this mean. How can I get this installed. Peter Evans
  8. pbhead

    Tutorial Video - Tutorial 1

    I am enjoying your video, working my way through it. The manual says that the STARS and SIDS are on the CD but I can't find them. Also the operating manual is supposed to be on the CD but again I can't find it. Am I missing something. Peter Evans
  9. pbhead

    Captain, First officer flow charts

    I just bought PMDG 777-200LR/F and there was no FCOM. All I got was the 121 page manual. I would like those flow charts.
  10. pbhead

    cannot install 747-400x

    OK got it to work but al the aircraft are in bits and pieces, like parts of a skeleton. what have I done wrong? peter
  11. pbhead

    cannot install 747-400x

    Do not respond, after many attempts I just cleaned the disc and it worked first time,, thanks anyway.
  12. To clear up some problems I was having with my computer I just had the technicians re-install Windows 7. I then re-installed FSX and it seems to work perfectly. Then I tried to install PMDG 747-400X but with no success. It does not start automatically so I opened the file and used install.exe but nothing happens. I bought this about three years ago and am anxious to get back in the air. Peter
  13. pbhead

    FSX shutting down

    All the smart talk but what is the answer
  14. pbhead

    FSX shutting down

    My PMDG737 NGX takes a lot of input in order to take off but just after take off , FSX tells me there has been a fatal error and it is closing down. I have tried to get a simple answer previously but there was nothng i could understand as i am not the right person to try to make changes to the registry or other systems. have the same problem with all my planes not just PMDG,. I can fly along for a while then when I try to input something iot closes. It seems it will only accept so many inputs from me before closing donw. Help please.