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  1. Ray, I've just discovered that the freeware Mt Eden scenery, by TheTexanKiwi, works with this new Orbx Auckland, and looks much better than theirs. I thought there'd be a conflict but there isn't, - perhaps the freeware one (available at https://flightsim.to/file/9118/mount-eden-auckland-new-zealand) sits slightly higher than the default one. In real life, Mt Eden sort of dominates the city centre to the south but imo the default/Orbx one looks a bit underwhelming. Give it a try, - it's brilliant!
  2. ISA can't be large or small, - it's fixed, because it's a standard. It's the standard conditions of temperature and pressure that pilot's use to calculate things like what length of runway they need for take off. For example, on a very hot day of 30 degrees C, they'll need a longer runway than they'd need at the standard temperature (which is 15 degrees C at sea level). The standard pressure is 1013.25hPa (29.92 inches of mercury) at sea level, so on a day with low pressure, say 1000hPa, the plane will also need a longer runway because it's the equivalent of a higher altitude. Aircraft performance charts are based on ISA and are used to calculate the aircraft's expected performance according to how much local conditions of temp pressure and humidity) differ from the standard. As Glenn mentions above, ISA pressure is used above transition altitude (say 10,000') so that all pilots have the same altimeter reading at the same actual altitude. Otherwise, if 2 pilots were converging, one from a hot place and one from a cold place, even though their altimeters showed different altitudes, they might be at the same height above the ground and on collision course. Switching to ISA pressure at high altitudes is therefore safer, and coming back down from high altitudes, they switch back. This video explains it pretty well if you can understand the presenter's accent:
  3. Thanks for the comments. If I get MS Montana and use it with Orbx Central Rockies (which include most of Montana), will the Orbx autogen appear on top of the MS photoscenery (assuming I have the order right in the scenery library)? Or do people buy some other autogen pack? The videos on MegaScenery Earth's homepage seem to have a lot of autogen. I think it's fine to use Montana and CRM together because the CRM area is far bigger than just Montana, so I imagine Montana would exclude it within it's (Montana's) borders. I still don't quite see how the autogen side of it works, - maybe I should just buy one and tinker with it...
  4. MegaScenery Earth are offering 50% off everything until July 8th. https://www.megasceneryearth.com/ I don't have any of this yet but I have a few questions for those that do. Does it work with P3D5? Does it come with its own autogen? Does it mess with P3D autogen? Would it conflict with Orbx Central Rockies if I get MegaEarth Montana? Thanks, - any advice appreciated.
  5. I was worried about that initially too, then I discovered that everything had installed into the right place. I think they're really good installers but they should include a message that shows you that something has happened successfully.
  6. Thanks Peter, - I switched off engine damage and it works like a dream now. This'll be my plane of choice until some more complex aircraft become available 😁.
  7. I tried installing the S340 into P3D5 but could only start one engine and that quickly became smokey. It didn't respond to throttle input. Anyone having any luck with it? If so, I might try again, - loved this plane in P3D4.
  8. @FW Aviation, thanks for the push, - I bought it 😆.
  9. I've been put off it because of the following in a 2016 review by FSElite."Of course, no product is complete without ensuring that the terminal buildings are up to the high standards that we now expect in our community. The buildings are accurately modelled, and look detailed thanks to the HD nature of the texture work. In today’s standards, it falls short of the WOW factor. Admittedly we have been spoilt by other developers, but ‘pre-textured’ windows are an old technique, that soon needs to be eradicated. With as many years in development as Mega Airport Prague has been in, I expected some more interior development to have taken place. It probably comes back down to VAS and frame rates, but other developers out there are now taking advantage of the technology, and I expect Aerosoft to start doing the same soon." Those opaque window textures look awful to me, and this doesn't look up to the usual Aerosoft standard, - very dated. I'm still struggling with whether it's worth 5 euros in 2020.
  10. I have the same thing, hope someone can help.
  11. Wow, - thanks Dan and Bob, - two extremely helpful replies. Now I know far better what's happening, although I still don't quite see what VRAM 'usage' is, - i just assumed it was how much memory was occupied. Interesting to learn that I can only use 2.5GB of my 4GB of VRAM. I'll have a look at the AA settings, as you suggest Bob. My CPU is an Intel Core i5 4670K so I'll try overclocking it as you suggest, to the low-mid 4GHz range, and I'll certainly get a 1080 very soon. My monitor is 1920x1200, which I thought was pretty high, but I have been away from tech stuff for a while (as you might have guessed). When simming, I run a second monitor at 1280x1024, so that might partly account for the high GPU usage too. Thanks again, very helpful 😊.
  12. I've recently bought some very demanding scenery (OrbX Netherlands TrueEarth) and realised that my current setup (Windows 7) can't really handle it, so I'm thinking about buying a GTX1080 to replace my GTX970. I read that P3D4 is somewhat limited by your processor (I have an Intel I5), so I was a bit worried that spending NZ$900 on a new graphics card might achieve very little, but I checked my computer's performance yesterday and found that my GTX 970 seems to be the bottleneck. I do have two questions though, - I understand that GPU dedicated memory is system RAM that can be used for graphics. I have 16GB of system RAM, 4GB of GPU RAM, but my Process Explorer stats (see below) show only 2.5GB of GPU dedicated memory. I'm wondering if this is something I could increase to obtain better performance. Why do my W7 display stats (also below) show Dedicated Video Memory as 4GB? Presumably that's just the GPU RAM and not GPU dedicated memory. Also, what does GPU system memory do? I seem to be using a tiny fraction of the limit, - is this something that can be utilised better?
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