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  1. they are bringing out a new lockheed aircraft a big one but did not say which one and that came from the interview video on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L08GrruXv0A this is the pmdg video just need to find the p3d one p3d below https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=7&v=5d9wcBLoIqI changes are at around 15mins
  2. I noticed tonight when coming to TOD I did not hear the cabin crew announce that we were descending. However at 8000ft she came on the PA and announced that we were starting our descent. Is there anyway to change this so that at TOD she makes the announcement rather than halfway through the descent.
  3. yes I am getting the same thing when I put my order number etc in I am now getting an error message saying Internal failure
  4. I notice that there is no setup in the config for the 737 for the FO to operate the lights. However there is one in the 747. Is it possible to correct this in the next update? Geoff Thomson
  5. Not sure if anyone else has noticed this but when I drop the HUD down the details in the bottom left corner are cut off by the main panel. I am running P3D latest version and latest version of PMDG 737. Geoff Thomson
  6. Would it be possible for PMDG to move the ground power unit back a bit as it is actually in the way of the stairs when loading or unloading on the 777F. Not sure about the passenger version as I always park at a jetway
  7. Just wondering if this is going to be a free upgrade for P3D V4 or there will be a charge for it. I notice with RAAS that we will have to buy the new version. Most developers are upgrading their products free but if we have to pay then that is fine as I can understand that there is a lot of work involved in this.
  8. Hi Guys Thanks for that I will check out your suggestion. I am back flying the 777 and use the same button for the flaps in that and it works fine that is why I thought there may be a problem with the 747. I will let you know once I have landed and checked the 747.
  9. I have been flying 747 in P3d v4 for the last week and have noticed that the flaps are not returning correctly. If you have flaps 10 and you push the button for flaps 5 the flaps seem to retract to flaps up however on the console and the flaps position they show as flaps 5 and then when you push your button again you hear the flaps going up but they are already in the up position on the wing. Not sure why this is happening as my switches are set to retracting incrementally. I can live with it but just wondering if PMDG are aware of it and if anyone else is having the same thing happen.
  10. i have tried the latest version that is where the 747 has no wheels and no gauges and it kills linda as in the log. I load up fsuipc with the d version and the pmdg is flyable but cannot use vrinsight mcp. As soon as I change the dll back to k the PMDG is not flyable but linda loads but cannot connect to mcp.
  11. Hi Scott I have just installed the latest Beta version for Linda and FSUIPC and am not able to load the PMDG 747 no wheels no gauges and click points. This is what FSUIPC Log says <LOG DELETED - please do not post long logs in forum - email as per fault report post - logs contain your EMAIL ADDRESS> If I install FSUIPC G version PMDG loads but lInda doesn't so not sure if it is a problem with me or there is still a problem.
  12. Yes mine has just done the same with the new updates of FSUIPC 5k and also with the Linda Version 3.0.0 (653) beta. Everything loads till I change to PMDG and then it Says LUA: "D:\Lockhead Martin\Prepar3D v4\Modules\linda/system/intit.lua": killed Looks like will have to go back to the last Dll of fsuipc
  13. PMDG recommend loading the default aircraft first. I have always done that and have had no problem since loading the default first. Fsuipc is working fine for me along with all my other programs including AS16 and clouds.
  14. I ran the sdk files again in redist and all is fine now
  15. I ran the sdk files again in redist and all is fine now
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