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  1. So I'm not the only one experiencing this. It's so bad at airports it's hard to bear. XP11 did not show this on my system (GTX2070 fwiw), textures/objects/scenery was nice and crisp.
  2. Intention to fix long-standing bugs like the runway lights always on and low quality maybe? One can still dream, right?
  3. I recently bought MSFS but can't even download the thing. I assume MS will eventually sort out the problems and present us a great next generation flight simulator, but that is going to take a while unfortunately, and I want to fly now, so I want to check alternatives in the meantime. So there's P3D V5 and the new XP11.50. What do you think? Which one would be the better option for simulating bush flying in Canada or Alaska? (Too bad "Deadstick" is still in development - maybe forever?) Think of available sceneries available airplanes physics in flight, on the ground and on the water (floatplanes!) overall sim performance ... And please, don't let this be another XP11 or P3D bashing thread, let's keep this nice and civil. Just let me know what you think are the pros and cons in this special field, NA bush flying only. I'm interested in your well-grounded opinion and experience.
  4. I think it was "pre-experimental flight model" that I saw this. I understand this has been rectified now? And what about the floatplane physics? Last time I tried it the Cessna 172 rocked like crazy on the waves.
  5. How's XP11 flight modeling lately? Do (default) airplanes still fall out of the sky like a brick when you cut the power during flare? And how are floatplane physics on the water these days?
  6. Great news, so looking forward to the Dodo 206 in P3D V4!
  7. Are you planning to update your products to make them P3D v4 compatible?
  8. Reading your post on the website really hit me. Seeing someone from this community, someone who did so much for it, in such a situation does hurt. All the best to you and your family, Tom. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Regards Eilke Zeysing Germany
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