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  1. Unfortunately it’s a Windows product not OIS-X for iMac:(
  2. Have now tried 124th ATC and seems to fit the bill admirably. Will look at your other suggestions, thanks again.
  3. Stupid User Error - Now solved, please ignore. Although you might change the error message as it flashes on the screen and disappears before you can read it. It was my user name error. Thanks You
  4. I'm having trouble logging in. Each time I try it doesn't recognise my password or user name, which one is the problem I'm not sure. I then request a lost password email which arrives OK, then I create another password, log in OK but the next time I use it, it won't let me in. An error message flashes up on the screen and then disappears so I have to request a new password email again. I've done this about 5 times since yesterday!!! I'm using either an iPad or iMac. Can you help please? Regards Colonel25
  5. I'm used to MSFS's ATC which was at least logical and worked reasonably well. I'm not looking for anything fancy so I'lll give your suggestions a look. Thanks for the response.
  6. I’ve seen reference to it on here. Do you know where it comes from, maybe a link or web link? thanks for the info
  7. Exactly that! I wonder if anyone has reported it before? Thanks for your response
  8. Thanks for the response, I‘ll just keep the speed down to 230 then
  9. Hi, Newbie to Xplane 11 and ex MSFS X user currently using An IMac with Catalina and have Orbx Southern UK scenery installed. (That’s a story!!) Just updated to 11.50 and using Metal the frame rate is vastly improved. One complaint and some questions (I’m sure there will be more of both). Why has my favourite local airport (Plymouth UK) had it’s ILS beacons removed? Boo Hoo. I used to practice everything there!! I know the airport is now closed BTW. Question: When I enter a Flight Plan with an Approach set up using say Vectors, I file it with ATC and also load a cruising altitude. After climbing to cruising height I usually set autopilot and activate the first approach waypoint leg but ATC never accepts my flight plan but gives me headings to follow which are very different. OK, I guess they are using a particular flyway even though I’m selecting IFR low level as my route. In addition although my plan gives an altitude to be observed for the waypoint as say 2,500 feet, ATC ignores that and continually instructs me to climb and maintain my cruising altitude. This means I cannot capture my ILS approach and then get berated for ignoring ATC instructions. I’m used to MSFS but realise things won’t be exactly the same, but I feel I’m not grasping the correct logic here. Can anyone advise me? also, on the Cirrus SF 30, if I raise the speed to anything over 235 mph, the plane starts porpoising up and down with constant Trim adjustments. Again, is this a bug or me being dumb? Thanks
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