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  1. Thanks Bryan, I had it in my mind that it was the altimeter setting. Note to self: RTFM 🙂 Mike
  2. While running through the descent checklist the FO will ask "Landing Data". When I answer, "Altimeter 30.35" the voice recognition correctly recognises the words, but the FO does not acknowledge. I have to revert to "Set and Checked". Anyone know what I'm doing wrong? Thanks
  3. OK, I've just been testing the latest version for Bryan and noticed a couple of things that he asked me to post here. 1. When I go to 'Preview Route' it allows me to choose which route I want the pushback to take. All good so far. However, when I have chosen the route and go back to the cockpit, the prompt still asks me which way I want the aircraft to face. Surely, once I've chosen the route, the prompt should just be 'Start Pushback'? 2. There is a minor 'bug' in the pushback sequence if you forget to remove the chocks. The prompt comes up 'Release Parking Brake'. If you do that and the chocks are still in place there is a red message that comes up at the top of the screen warning you that the chocks are still in place. After you go and removce the chocks, the programme just sits there waiting for you to repeat 'Parking Brakes Released', but there is no prompt. I would suggest that if possible, the programme should remove the chocks, if not, there should be a second prompt to tell the ground crew that chocks have been removed. Option 1 would be better IMHO as this would more closely mirror the RW. This testing was done in P3D v4.5 on W10 latest build using the PMDG 737 NGXu Mike
  4. Odd situation here Bryan. All of a sudden the FO is not responding to the 'Landing Data' prompt during the descent checklist (SOP 2). The FO asks "Landing Data" and the response is VRef XXX, Minimums, XXX FEET. The FO does not respond, even though the green bar shows that the system is recognising my speech correctly. I have to respond with "Set and Checked". Can you think of anything that might be causing this? Everything else is working just fine! Mike
  5. Hi Bryan, no I see no reason why it would affect FS2CREW either. It's clearly something to do with my headset, so you can stand down the rapid response team. Thanks for all your help and support as always. 🙂 Mike
  6. OK, I think I may have identified the problem. It seems that if I change the audio options in vPilot during flight, the audio on FS2CREW gets messed up. I will try reinstalling vPilot when I land Mike
  7. Hi Bryan, The audio driver for the headset is the default Microsoft one. All other sound devices are working just fine. I can test the headphone and mic from the sounds section of the Windows Control Panel and everything seems to be running just fine. This morning there was no headphone sounds right from the git go. The microphone works and the FO will carry out the actions just fine
  8. Well, it's happened again, this time on a short 1.15 hop from KJFK to KCLT. Once again, all the actions are completed and I can see that my microphone is working because I can see my words on the screen, just no FO output. When I get to the top of climb and set into the cruise, I normally hit the HM and it seems that the system can't recover from that. Could this be the problem? It would be really great if there was a way to stop and then restart FS2CREW - the reset audio simply doesn't cut it. I can't even see an entry in Task Manager where I can force it to quit. Mike
  9. So, I reverted to an earlier nVidia driver and all seems fine - for now. I haven't tested it on a longer flight, but on a 1.30 flight everything worked. I'll monitor and see what happens next time I do a longer flight Mike
  10. If XACT is so temperamental, is there any other option? Mike
  11. Hi Bryan, Further update. The FO was responding just fine until about 2 hours into a 4 hour flight, then nothing. He still completed the appropriate actions on command, but there's no verbal response to any of the checklists or commands Mike
  12. Hi Bryan, I updated the nVidia drivers and all's fine now. Thanks for your help as always Mike
  13. OK will give it a go tomorrow when I'm not at work Mike
  14. Hi Bryan, Audio test produces no output. I've just updated the audio drivers as part of the nVidia graphics driver, but no change. HS is working with all other PC audio, including P3D if I route the audio through the HS Mike
  15. Hi Bryan, Crew accent is set to US1, but I've tried the others to no effect. I'm a little concerned that reinstalling (twice) hasn't helped. I've removed the product (and the Dash-8 too) using REVO Uninstaller and cleared any trace of folders by restarting the system in safe mode (incidentally, you can't remove the Docs folder without booting into safe mode as even running PowerShell as admin you can't remove it) Mike
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