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  1. Ok, first of all, a BIG thanks to everyone who reached out. I tried the easy thing. Clean download of a complete SkySpirit B77W (model, panel, everything included). I fired that aircraft up and she performed perfectly, on Aerosoft, Dziewicki Designs, FlyTampa, LatinVFR, PACSIM and ORBX scenery alike. I proceeded to copy all the cfg file data from the newly installed aircraft into the rest of my B77w's and now they all work. Who knows what happened to begin with, but it's working great now! Crazy computers!!
  2. the trouble aircraft sink on all scenery, not just particular airports. Maybe I'll try to download one or two -300's and see what happens. thanks
  3. Strange thing happened to me a couple weeks ago in FSX. All of my Skyspirit/Opensky Boeing 777's began to sink when I selected them from my menu whether the starting point was on the active runway, tarmac, or at the gate. They literally sank about half way into the engine diameter, of course, prompting sparks, smoke and damage (the "scrape points", i presume) They are not flyable at all. I have ORBX Global installed, and have not made any global changes in my scenery, other than adding a few airports. None of my Aircraft cfg files were changed, although it appears as though something swept through my large Boeing twins somehow. I can successfully fly my Skyspirit Boeing 767's, -200, -300, -400 with no issues. All my TDS Boeings work perfectly. Airbus aircraft from Project Airbus and CLS work perfectly. Just the 77W's. Has anyone experienced this? I'm curious. I did some research on contact points and scrape points from the Opensky Archive, but not having changed anything (to my knowledge) I'm a bit hesitant to start messing with cfg files blindly. Anyone seen this happen before? One aircraft sank even lower, bounced repeatedly, and actually started shooting down the runway with no throttle inputs at all. I made several screen captures, but I am not sure how to insert them here. Please help!
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