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  1. fltsimguy

    Simulator Lockup

    I have the same problem as Wordpress now. Ever since the last CP update on 11/11/18, P3Dv4.2 on Win 10 has a freeze issue. Exact same problems. I had a previous lockup issue and Keven did a remote and found the problem. I have copied a portion of that transcript in hopes in might help someone. keven; Using the Previous Flight might cause issues where a corrupt save will propagate issues forever like this. Try recreating the flight and saving a new one to see if the issue goes away me; so maybe change the default flight to something other than "previous flight"? keven; Yes, I removed it from the prepar3d.cfg to restore the real default flight but you can create a new one and set it to that. me; ok, it doesn't matter where i start really, i can always change locations and aircraft, which i always start with the j3 cub.. I tried a test flight in the Carendo PA-23, no weather or VATSIM, put it on AP and it was fine for two hours, all looked good. So I will now try a flight in the TFDI 717 with weather and no VATSIM, start P3Dv4.2 on a different flight default and then reset my location and aircraft to KDTW where my flight will originate. Hopefull I won't have that lock up after an hour or so where flight controls don't work etc.....
  2. I just wanted to post that Keven was TERRIFIC in trouble shooting my P3D sim finding and correcting a little known corrupt file/start-up scenario and now CP is working again. GREAT product and fantastic support!!😁 Thank you!!
  3. i did not have the wxstationlist in the xxxxx\p3Dv4 folder. It appears that CP is not communicating with p3dv4. i can move the sliders but the camera doesn't move in the view. Keven from CP has stated to communicate with me and it is going very slow. any idea why CP won't communicate with P3dv4?
  4. i did a search a found that wxstationlist.bin file in REX SF for P3Dv4 and in my program files>LM>P3D\weather folders only. Can i delete this file and it will regenerate as previously stated?
  5. Thanks! I sent in a support ticket to Oldprop last night after i generated a report and no response...this CP issue started last night east coast time.......i wonder what the issue is?
  6. CP has been working fine, but when i started my sim up with P3Dv4.2 and win 10 recently, now CP does not load my views. I see the CP dialogue box, but the views don't switch. They seem stuck in cockpit view and i boot my sim up with the piper cub J-3 simple aircraft. I have re-booted, closed and restarted the sim, everything except a re-install. Has anyone had these issues that just popped up like this? I am using CP v4.222 Beta.I've searched the forums and can't find a similar post to this problem. Any help would be greatly appreciated!! john
  7. fltsimguy

    FO "*" not showing up

    Bryan count down timer is going on......FO is not performing any tasks that i have seen.... voice is there and my responses are heard, but no clicking on the FO's part....
  8. I have P3Dv4.2 and FS2crew v1.5 for the maddog. i read the manual and have powered up the aircraft per the manual. the countdown starts at 30 and i hear the FA and her announcements but it doesn't appear the FO is doing anything or clicking anything in this portion of the preflight? Anybody have any troubleshooting ideas other to reinstall FS2crrew maddog software again.......? I don't see anything on this forum with this issue..... John
  9. OS is Win 10 with P3Dv4.1 installed. I also had P3Dv3.35 installed on same drive. I have ASP4 for P3D4 with the 6517 update installed. I have ASCA installed along with REX SF all on the same drive. I was using P3Dv4, ASN16 weather engine with REXSF clouds, not running (I thought) ASCA at the same time. When I deleted P3Dv3.35 from the harddrive I now come up with an error msg/Pop up box when running P3Dv4 with ASN16 weather engine and REX SF clouds only (no weather engine enabled) that says "ASCA error.....ASCA graphics installation taking more than 5 minutes to compile....skipping graphics activation. Check ASCA logs for the error info..." Can anyone point me in the right direction to correct this issue? Thanks!!
  10. fltsimguy

    MU-2 GTN750 Screen very dark

    I have the same issue but cannot find VC brightness line....P3Dv4 and the A2A Piper Cherokee installed... Can someone point me to the VC line/folder where I can change my brightness? Thanks!
  11. fltsimguy

    Aerosoft CRJ

    Hey Keven, I'm talking about the actual line of the Hotkeyselect=1 line in the cfg file...it won't let me save after I delete the line...the msg says.... "you do not have permission to open this file. See the owner of the file or an administrator to obtain permission........hope that gives some guidance for you....John I can sen a report file. what email address should I send it to?
  12. fltsimguy

    Aerosoft CRJ

    Keven, Did you find the root to this problem in he previous threads? I can't delete the Hotkeyselect=1 file as it appears locked by the developer. CP is only not working with the CRJ. I have the same problem as AirplaneGuru84.... Any ideas on a fix for this issue? Thanks John
  13. I have setup a ViewGroups configuration using LCDDesigner Panel Pro software for a triple monitor setup in P3Dv4. It looks terrific without using CP and view movement in the cockpit is done by using the default key assignments for P3D. When CP is launched, CP does not seem to work with the ViewGroups setup configuration and snaps back to the default view. I understand ViewGroups is a new concept with P3Dv4 and may not be compatible with CP. Does anyone have any insight to this using ViewGroups triple monitor setup and its' integration with CP? Thanks!!
  14. Just fixed the issue.. Deleted axis assignment in "tilt down" movement....axis key is now "blank"......don't know how that happened except for maybe when I installed a FSDT airport and Coutl, there was some coding that did not work with each other for FSDT and CP...all is well now...
  15. Now using v2.40 alpha and have the same "look down" issue. Went to preferences>general>reset control assignment....clicked it, closed down CP and restarted and no luck in fixing the "look down" issue....CP and P3D v3.4 unflyable at this time.....Need some help!! Thanks!!