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  1. Hello, thanks for the reply’s to my earlier question, reading on, I had always limited my Fps to 30 in P3d, after reading this thread I now have limited it to 30 in Nvidea control panel (never even considered this before now) with p3d being set at unlimited, I have not included any affinity mask, core 0 of my cpu now is running at around 80 to 90% with no stutters,rather than 100% it was, I still think something has changed in P3d V5.2 but this has improved Thanks
  2. Reading the thread 5.2 seems to be hitting CPU1 harder than 5.1 and the discussion around affinity mask. I am not looking for a solution but more of information, education answer if there is one. I never had an issue until now and I was under the impression P3d no longer required affinity mask tweaks. My P3d V5.2 the CPU 0 is running at 100% at all times, and I am getting stutters. If I change the Affinity mask and remove CPU0 from the equasion the thread moves to CPU 7 100% Now here is the thing, If I use the old Affinity mask trick , task manager right click change affinity click any box then click it back the threads seem to run equally over all CPU’s and it also removes the stutters, a win for me. The question is what is the difference from changing affinity mask in the p3d cfg file, process lasso and using the old task manager trick? Why different results? Thanks
  3. sode may be installed but it needs to also be activated to work with P3d V5 or any FS to be fair C:\Program Files (x86)\12bPilot\SODE....SODEPlatformManager.exe
  4. Hi Take a look at this , I had the same problem this is from Prepar3d Forum staff https://prepar3d.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=6313&t=126404 Hope it is of help
  5. Hi I Have the same issue, the roofs sunken not flat, p3dv4.5 is there a solution ? they look wrong. I do not have FSX to try the roofs.bgl. I have tried removing add on sceneries, and replaced the autogen descriptions to default. thanks
  6. I think the grass along with other scenery items( trees ect) are added using SODE. look in C:/Program data/ 12bpilot/ sode / simobjects/ digital design EGGP The XML file is in C:/Program data/ 12bpilot/ sode /xml you may have to edit the xml file hope this helps
  7. Not sure if any help to you, if you delete from the folder Horizon / VFR.Gen-X-2.0 / Volume 3/ area 1/ 2.4m photo / scenery/ EXXV3A1.BGL or change the name of the file to .off it helps with the autogen in the mersey, there are still a few snippets along the bank but it is much better , it seems to be an elevation issue but I have been unable to solve it any other way as yet Regards
  8. Hello I have had some issues with CTD, freezing and other anomalies using add-on XML with one or another or a combination of addons, there was no logic to the CTD's which now apper to be resolved (fingers crossed) the issues seem to be resolved where I had duplicate add on "name" or duplicate "Layer" numbers, which seemed to upset the sim, so maybe worth checking. also I had issues with Autogen and certain devs AutogenDescriptions (spb) files. causing a freeze after the start up screen these issues I have resolved using FSdevelopers Autogen Configuration Merger, which worked well in V3 and now also there is a V4 beta version which now works. I do not know if this will resolve issues here but they sound similar and it seems to have helped me I use it for Orbx, sim720 and Earth simulations specifically. It may be worth a look Regards
  9. Hello Kevin I think I have finally cracked it! I originally had been trying to add the autogen descriptions for each developer via the add-on XML, for example <AddOn.Component> <Category>Autogen</Category> <Path>I:\Prepar3d addons\Addon Scenery\Earth Simulations\ES-3D\Autogen</Path> </AddOn.Component> However there seems to be a conflict and although it works to a fashion I don’t think this method plays too well with others or the default P3dV4 autogen descriptions. I had a lot of anomalies OOM’s and CTD! I copied the Autogen folder from P3d V3 into P3d V4 adding the _Legacy flag, which had been merged previously with other developers descriptions using Fs developers Autogen Configuration Merger. This method fared better with fewer anomalies but still with issues. I then done a complete re install of P3d V4 (takes no time with the XML add-on scenery method) I then tried to use the Autogen Configuration Merger V4 Beta but it was not working for some strange reason. It appears that the Autogen folders have to be added via the scenery manager from within P3d. (Autogen Configuration Merger does not see the folder if added via XML). So I removed all the XML links to Autogen, I removed the _Lecacy flags from the files, run up P3d with Autogen Configuration Merger, this updated my files I then re added the _Legacy flags back to the files. I now have the P3d V4 Autogen descriptions merged and sceneries working 100% (with Alderney having all the correct folders and files) with no issues anomalies or OOM’s (fingers crossed) So it seems the method I was using for V3 (using FSDeveloper Autogen Configuration Merger) is the best method for me. (Albeit, having to juggle file names for it to work). Hope this is of some help
  10. Hi Nov having had much time on this . But I do have the full Alderney working at the moment. to do this I copied the auto gen folder from p3dv3 to p3dv4 I disabled the xml link to es autogen folder The auto gen descriptions from v3 had been merged using the auto gen merge tool Not sure why this works but was getting similar ooms using v4 versions. I was also getting others issues . Missing autogen at other sceneries . Orbx airfields. Now fixed. I assume there is a conflict with auto gen descriptions files when having more than one set via xml addons
  11. Sorry to keep hijacking this thread, but it seems to follow well I had issues with Earth simulations Alderney. It appears the file ES-Alderney_DTM.bgl in the Channel Islands/Terrain folder Does not like missing or corrupt season folders, and thus causing the sim to freeze. I found issues with ground texture autumn files and the Night files. Not being savvy with the scenery software utilities and unable to de compile. I replaced the files with a copy of the summer files (renamed to Autumn & Night as required) Crude I know but it seems to work (stopping the Sim from freezing at least), until a proper fix can be found. I now do not get my autumn or night textures (for now I can live with to enjoy this excellent scenery) I hope this is useful to others and maybe help towards finding a better solution
  12. As for Alderley . I have problems in most if not all of the season ground scenery folders and terrain folder . Having any one of them active freezes the sim during the splash screen at the start . I am not sure what to use to try and decompile these files and recompile .(this may or may not work I am just chancing ) Some more Google searching I think
  13. I am not sure what the sfx files are for but Now you come to mention it there is a distinct lack of seagull and church bell sounds when low and slow . So they may not have compiled well . I'll have to do some more checking The other 3 I think are airfield height . Light house and all the many greenhouse placements. Which appear now to be present and correct .
  14. Hello Kevin This may be of interest to yourself and others 5 BGL files I found to be troublesome in ES Guernsey I decompiled them to XML with BgL2Xml and then recompiled them back to BGL using the P3dV4 SDK bglcomp.exe EGJB_Guernsey_ARM_ALT.BGL (scenery/world/scenery) ES-Guernsey-SFX.BGL (ES-CI-SFX) ES-Sark-SFX.BGL (ES-CI-SFX) ES-Guernsey-Glass.bgl (ES-CI-3D) ES-Hanois-Place.bgl (ES-CI-3D) After plenty off issues with CTD and P3d V4 freezing at startup I now have a working ES Guernsey, not fully explored as 100% as yet but looking promising. Having similar issues with Alderney but no luck isolating issues as yet Regards
  15. HI Kevin Its strange one as all the others work flawlessly, the BGl's so far causing freezing / CTD If you have the same issue, it may help are EGJB_Guernsey_ARM_ALT.bgl ES-Guernsey-Glass.bgl ES_Hanois-Place.bgl The OOM is with Autogen set to anything more than NONE which again strange because I can set it Extremely Dense with all the ES other scenery. Regards
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