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  1. I've not come across this before & this is new: I click User defined weather & then Customize weather. FS9 seizes up & stops then crashes. Weather themes is OK & works as usual. I've not made any changes to FS9 btw. I've looked at other posts for answers but cannot see anything helpful, & don't really know what to look for. Thanks. TerryW
  2. I've made a lot of WW2 airfields for my FS2004 that cannot be used in FSX.
  3. I'm looking for AI Smooth for FS2004 & was told it was here but library searches get nothing.....can someone help me as I keep drawing blanks.
  4. I'm searching for this = ron_ez housez and buildingz.bgl & textures. I've found it as part of large sceneries - does anyone know where else it may be obtained from ? Thanks.
  5. FS2004 pour l'Alphajet de la Patrouille de France. I've added the above to a friend's FS9 but it's a dark cockpit job. I showed him how to start engines, & turn the power on, etc, but when he exits it, all his other aircraft are dead. I removed it from the aircraft folder, & they all appear powered with running engines, which is what he wants. Can anyone tell me how to exit this nice alpha jet with the power on so it can be left in the folder without effecting the other aircraft with dead cockpits? I can find no helpful tutorial in English.
  6. Sorry........I should have put compete_777_callouts.zip I've just reinstalled everything but am still not getting = 2500, 1000, 500, & minimums
  7. I'me not having much luck with these callouts so thought I'd stop but have been asked to put some in a friend's FS2004 I've installed Jimmy Foong's complete 777 callouts (777_callouts.zip) . I put this in the panel cfg: gauge74=FPDA_Boeing_Callout, 10, 100 & the fpda_boeing_callout.gau from Opa in the gauges folder. The sound files are in the sounds folder. BUT the 2500, 1000, 500, & minimums are not being read but the others are. Can someone tell me why not & what I've done wrong ? Mr.Foong's readme says this is the whole deal but................ Thanks.
  8. I dirst put the second in (with ab!) but don't get any of these: roger, retard, minimums,200ft,5ft. I tried the other one, gauge61=meatwater_airliner_altcall!meatwater_airliner_altcall, 0,0,10,10 & this plays the same files as the first I tried....hey ho.
  9. I got it here from the library. Thanks for the panel info. I'll give it a whirl
  10. The read-me has 'you must have the freeware FPDA altitude callout gauge (fpda_boeing_callout.gau). available here at AVSIM'. I've searched but nothing comes up...........am I doing something wrong ?
  11. I've just got these callouts = MeatWater Altitude Callouts Version 2 I've put the sound files & gauges into their respective FS2004 folders but the read-me doesn't have anything to add to the panel cfg. Is this right? I'm not sure how the callouts will be activated without an entry......can someone put me right please ?
  12. Hello. I tried this dodge but the new cfg doesn't mention the new AMD graphics. I'm having it removed & replaced with a Nvidia GTX 980 I had in a computer 2 yrs ago replaced with a AMD r9 290. The seller of the RX 570 is giving me a refund ;-)
  13. I have FS2004. The Sapphire Radeon HD 7970 stopped working & it's been replaced with a AMD 8GB Sapphire Radeon RX 570 NITRO+ graphics card. FS9 doesn't recognise it & I don't know what to do. As it stands, I cannot get it to go full screen, & in the scenery window terrain & water effects are grey. In Hardware the device name is empty & the rendering section is greyed out as is the case in cloud detail in weather. I've searched the web for help but saw nothing to help me, except to get the latest AMD drivers which I've done but that doesn't work. I'd be grateful if someone can suggest a solution. Thanks, Terry Wallis.
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