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    Guitars, Music, Flightsimming. Did some real flying & have a Private Licence with Baron endorsement. Can't do it now as I have sight problems.
  1. JohnKhan

    Newbie question...

    Thanks again Bert. I'll get that as soon as I can afford another one John
  2. JohnKhan

    Newbie question...

    All done and working thank you. Sorry for the delay. One more question. I have a very old 530/430 download from about September 2011. Is it possible to get a new version for P3D V4.5 for that? I did try to reinstall them but the installer does not recognize P3D . John
  3. JohnKhan

    Newbie question...

    Many thanks Bert Just in case it asks, where do the files finally go? John
  4. JohnKhan

    Newbie question...

    Hi. I have just bought and finally installed the GTM750 into P3D V4.5. After the installer refused to work, because it couldn't access the Trainer files. I accessed tyhe download for these and installed it. The GTN 750 finally installed but when I started it in the A2A Bonanza, it tells me it has no database. How do I get and install whatever database it wants? John Khan
  5. JohnKhan

    Where Is Your 777 Now?

    KATL to RJAA about 40NM east of Macon VOR (MCM). FL300. Hdg 304* Track 318*. Wind 232/111 Knots. Ouch. Only 12 LEGS pagesand 5436 nm. to go.. John
  6. Thanks Peter I couldn't get the Livery Manager to find them, it only got the fictional ones from the livery downloader. Anyhow.... Doh....... I never noticed that. Great liveries. Regards John
  7. I have downloaded several liveries from Avsim onto my desktop. I started the OC. ( I have auto update so it is 1.6.1), to install these liveries but the OC can't find them. The ones downloaded with the OC show in the install box Where do I have to put them so that it finds them? Thanks John