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  1. Thunderstreak

    Circuit breakers.

    AFE had completed "Before Start" checklist, I had started all 4 engines and AFE had completed "After Start" checklist. I noticed the red light on the top left of the main panel (instrument power failure or something like that) was still on. I switched views to the breaker panel and found the related breaker tripped. I reset it and the light went out. I completed the flight without further issue, so I guess I really don't know for sure what caused it.
  2. Thunderstreak

    Circuit breakers.

    Hello there. I am new to PMDG, recently purchased the DC-6 for P3Dv4. I am really enjoying it and slowly figuring out all it's intricacies. I'm starting to use it for VA flights, which means I'm to the point where I don't think I'll screw up too badly! After startup today I noticed a warning light that I hadn't seen before. I had to search for the appropriate breaker to reset. A first in my many years of simming, very cool! Thanks for a great product!
  3. Thunderstreak

    RXP GNS 530W/430W V2 database update

    The database files in the latest version of GTN Trainer ( seem to be different. Which file corresponds with worldwide.bin? I can't find 006-d0170-00.bin or something similar. Thanks!