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  1. I was looking at the scenery library in 4.4 for an unrelated issue and noticed Rockhampton, San Diego, Kennedy Space Centre and Orlando were missing from the list. I checked the Scenery folder and they are still there. I’m considering just adding them again. No idea why they are not in the list. I haven’t had any related errors.
  2. Marc, Thanks for taking the time to reply and help out. Perhaps I over reacted to your post, sorry. I was a bit frustrated at that point! It never fails when dealing with FSX in all it’s forms and now P3d, whenever you make a change, hardware or software, something inevitably gets screwed up. Happy to have it solved. Enjoyed a challenging IFR flight in the Cloudmaster after the fix. PAFA to PANC in real world weather. The new video card sure handles the detailed Active Sky clouds nicely, allowing much higher settings than the previous card. Frame rates are great and we are stutter free. I’ve never had it so good. Cheers, Bernard
  3. Problem solved. DrumsArt’s suggested post lead me to realize that the problem occurred with any undocked window in any aircraft, not specific to the DC-6. The problem was new, started after the video card upgrade. A broader search pointed me in the right direction. The program EVGA Precision X was the culprit. Something that came with my old GTX960 that I rarely used anyway. Uninstalling it as suggested fixed my issue. As for bashing my system setup Ephedrin, probably unnecessary. Though by no means perfect, it works well for me. It has been assembled with much reasearch and financial constraints in mind. Not my first rodeo, I’ve been doing this for a long time. Thanks and cheers, Bernard.
  4. CPU, Mobo, Ram all purchased within the last year or so. Previous video card was the odd/old part. 4+ year old GTX960. The only reason I ended up with an RTX2070 is I could buy it cheaper than a GTX1070/1080. Cooling is not an issue, very large CoolerMaster case with an abundance of fans and space. Power supply is good too. Freshly dusted as well 😜 P3dv4 is running well with good FPS in all scenarios tested so far. Just this odd FPS loss when I undock the AFE window. If I don’t undock it I can fly out of a high detail airport without any issue.
  5. New problem (I think). When I undock the AFE window I suffer a major FPS drop. If I close it frames pop right back up. I’ve never noticed this before, therefore I think this is a new problem, only change since the last flight is a video card upgrade. P3dv4.3 Win7Ult I7-6700K RTX2070 16GB Ram. Any help is appreciated! Cheers, Bernard Nieberg
  6. AFE had completed "Before Start" checklist, I had started all 4 engines and AFE had completed "After Start" checklist. I noticed the red light on the top left of the main panel (instrument power failure or something like that) was still on. I switched views to the breaker panel and found the related breaker tripped. I reset it and the light went out. I completed the flight without further issue, so I guess I really don't know for sure what caused it.
  7. Hello there. I am new to PMDG, recently purchased the DC-6 for P3Dv4. I am really enjoying it and slowly figuring out all it's intricacies. I'm starting to use it for VA flights, which means I'm to the point where I don't think I'll screw up too badly! After startup today I noticed a warning light that I hadn't seen before. I had to search for the appropriate breaker to reset. A first in my many years of simming, very cool! Thanks for a great product!
  8. The database files in the latest version of GTN Trainer ( seem to be different. Which file corresponds with worldwide.bin? I can't find 006-d0170-00.bin or something similar. Thanks!
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