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  1. CD4000

    DC6, X-Plane VR and AFE

    Thank you! I didn't know that datrefs are not loaded until the aircraft is loaded. Obvious in hindsight. Regards. Craig
  2. The DC6 is seriously awesome to fly in X-Plane VR. With some of the new tools being developed by users there are fewer work-arounds required every week. One thing I can't work out how to do so far is start the AFE checklists by a command. Is anyone able to shed some light on how this might be possible? Sparker has just created a VR window that allows you to initiate a command - but what is the command to kick off the AFE actions? I've used DataRef Tool to try to find one but no luck so far. Thanks in advance for any assistance! Craig
  3. Hello, How to I get the installer to install the DC-6 onto both X-plane 10 and X-plane 11 on the same PC? Neither the Repair or Modify options of the installer allow me to choose the version of X-Plane I want to use. Regards, Craig.
  4. In the .cfg file there are sections for Status Lights 10, Status Lights 8, Status Lights 5 but nothing for the single status light that is described in the manual. Can you please give me an example of how to use the single status light? I want to use it to indicate the Yaw Damper status. I have tried to modify Status Lights 10 - it works for SL 5 but not 10 as below. This works: ;Status Lights 5 . . 44015|1I_L3_|sim/cockpit2/switches/yaw_damper_on but this doesn't: ;Status Lights 10 . . 44014|2F_L9_|sim/cockpit2/switches/yaw_damper_on What am I doing wrong? Regards, Craig.
  5. CD4000

    Adding extra datarefs

    I am having trouble getting a yaw damper status light working. For some reason this works: ;Status Lights 5 . . 44015|1I_L3_|sim/cockpit2/switches/yaw_damper_on but this doesn't: ;Status Lights 10 . . 44014|2F_L9_|sim/cockpit2/switches/yaw_damper_on Any suggestions? Regards, Craig.
  6. CD4000

    Additions and error

    Sorry to take so long to reply, I haven't had any time to use the sim for the last month. For the Radar Altitude, the instruments are normally limited to around 3,000 feet due to increasing error. Yes, it is the Fuel Remaining gauge. V2.92. The gauge flickering may be due to a network issue at my end; I've just put in a local switch to connect my PCs and I'll let you know if I still have a problem. Regards, Craig.
  7. Hi, I use EFIS Panel Builder v2.92 with x-plane 10.31 and it is excellent.. I would like to request a few changes and report an error. I use the panels to fly turboprops mostly. Can the Radar Altitude gauge be adjusted to not show a value above 3000ft? I believe that is standard behaviour. Can the glideslope indicators please not be displayed when there is no vertical guidance available? Otherwise it gives a false indication of on-slope. Same for the CDI if there is no lateral guidance available. Can you add a Yaw Damper selection indicator to the autopilot dispaly panel? The fuel guage conversions may not be correct. When I change the gauge setting from lbs to gal it goes from 478lbs to 822gal. I would excpect it to go from 478lbs to around 80gal. Finally, sometimes the gauges flicker if I start X-plane before Panel Builder, although today they flickered anyway. Is there a setting somewhere that could be affecting this behaviour? Thanks, Craig.