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  1. How can I ADD my aircrafts (the ICAO and liveries) to the AI-liveries.xml ? Are there any tools avail that assist me to accomplish that? Thanks, Art
  2. Hi: How can I Add my Simobject' aircraft to the AI. I don't fly Airiliners mostly GA and Business Jets only. However, I'd like to see all the traffic around while I do fly or at the airport. By the other hand, I can see the lights of a traffic but it is a "ghost". I am unable to see (ie. PC12. Gulfstreams, etc...and many UFO??). Thanks, Art
  3. Hi: I am using Win 7 and P3d v3. At night, some A/C come into landing with the Lights On and some other, don't. The same happen during the Take Off phase.Most of the time while taking off there are NO lights at all. I have not being able to determine if there is any "regular" pattern of that happening. I'm using ONLY AI from VATSIM. Thanks and regards, Art
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