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  1. Many thanks, Charlie, Brian has taken care of it. Best, Manfred
  2. Bumpity! 72 views and two likes, but no action? Who best to contact on this, I wonder? This horrible rogue upload is five years old, yes, and still being downloaded as I write... maybe I should just forget about it? Then there is this ... from AVSIM's Terms of Service:
  3. Found this file in the library after reading a help request for it on another forum. In the readme file, author David Kolas does not give any credit to the possible contribution of any other developers. As a matter of fact that contribution is rather substantial as large parts of the upload are directly related to the freeware FSX Basler BT-67 project by M. Jahn (myself) and team in 2012, available at Flightsim.com or Fly Away, see https://flyawaysimulation.com/downloads/files/14113/fsx-basler-bt-67-base-pack-v2/ https://www.flightsim.com/vbfs/fslib.php?do=copyright&fid=167205 Specifically, Mr. Kolas's exterior model is a retro port of M. Jahn's exterior FSX model, the "Alfred Wegener" textures are identically named downsized versions of Daniel Fuernkaes's original textures, the aircraft.cfg is largely identical with Alexander Metzger's original work, the ref and check files are identical versions of our 2012 files, as are the xml gauges by Hansjoerg Naegele. In our own 2012 readme we stated, Hope some appropriate action will be taken. Manfred Jahn
  4. Great video review, gave it a Like, which I rarely do. You are right about the more refined modeling of the AH version, also the comment that PBR isn't the be all and end all of things. Texturewise, I am not 100 percent sure - as apparently you don't have the latest native 4.5 PBR mjahn version with Tufun's 4096 textures, which he spent months counting and creating? (Search Sim Outhouse Library under 'KN660'). In that respect your review is not really an "actual comparison" of the two. I would also recommend the Outhouse thread http://www.sim-outhouse.com/sohforums/showthread.php/119098-Aeroplane-Heaven-C-47-DC-3-is-out! which makes some interesting points re texture artefacts (cp. your 41:26) and undercarriage, and some have expressed some misgivings as to whether it is really a good idea to open the 'hamburger door' in order to start an engine, even if only the right one. Think of the guy who has to close the door after #2 has started up. But admittedly these are all things that can and probably will be rectified.
  5. Definitely shouldn't be very small mouse areas. Charlie did report a solution, so maybe re-check your aircraft.cfg and make sure you only have one [radios] section, and it is the one supplied in the zip. --Manfred
  6. Mike, did you click the displayed numbers (i.e, not the knobs)?
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