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  1. Hello, The IAN Integrate Approach Navigation, to Europe not many use this Application, I resolve my Problem to setup on menu' Displays option pages 2/9- PFD/ND NPS: Turn the RNP/ANP navigation performance scale symbology on/off. This Pics to Approach LOWI Rwy 26 LOC DME in LOC/VNAV
  2. Hello, Yes For Approach Rwy 26 LOC DME to LOWI i use VNAV and VOR/LOC i Have FCOM For Pmdg.
  3. Hello, How can I change in the PFD of the Pmdg737 from ILS to LOC / VNAV ? Tanks for Help me. PRODUCT: PMDG 737-8900 NGX Base Package PMDG 737-6700 NGX Expansion Package Prepar3D v3 Version: v1.20.8885
  4. Hello Nico, Tanks For Replay, the problem the that reproduces Aicraft of RealTraffic, moves in a vertical way in a fast out of taxyway, speciale i n Aeredrome EEDF Aeresoft Frankoforte, here in the picture you can see that I was running the Taxy. My question there is no way to eliminate these fast diagonal movements out of the taxyway line? Tanks, Roberto.
  5. Hello. I have mani time on Ground of Collision to RealTraffic, I setup ( COLLISION_DET_GND=1 ) this dont' have effect What is the correct setup to impact real traffic on the Ground ? My Config Psxseecon : COLLISION_DET_AIR=1 COLLISION_DET_GND=1 MAIN_WINDOW_X=826 MAIN_WINDOW_Y=100 VERSION_CHECKED_AT=Mon Feb 5 Tanks For Replay, Roberto.
  6. Hello, I have more Problem to Freeze Prepar3D Ver.9.14 and V9.15 the version V9.11 Dont' have any Problem. This a Log File : Wed Jan 17 07:37:41 2018 (utc) version 9.15 PSXseeconTraffic (64 bit) for any user aircraft in Prepar3D v4 07:37:41 Start reading and processing parameters from PSXseeconTraffic.cfg ********* Parameters ********** ALWAYS_ON_TOP=0 HELICOPTERS=0 LIGHT_AIRCRAFT=0 LIMITED_VERTICAL_RANGE=0 AUTO_MODE=0 COLLISION_DET_AIR=0 COLLISION_DET_GND=1 LOG_MATCHING=0 LOG_PARKING=0 LOG_TAKEOFF=0 LOG_LANDING=0 VERSION_CHECKED_AT=Wed Jan 17 VMRGENERATOR= FLIGHTPLANSFOLDER=flightplans LATERAL_RANGE=40 AUTO_GND=15 AUTO_BELOW_ALT_IN_RANGE=20 AUTO_BELOW_ALT_OUT_OF_RANGE=30 AUTO_ALT=10000 AUTO_RANGE=15 AUTO_ABOVE_ALT=40 AUTO_VERTICAL_RANGE_GND=5000 AUTO_VERTICAL_BELOW_ALT_IN_RANGE=7500 AUTO_VERTICAL_BELOW_ALT_OUT_OF_RANGE=10000 AUTO_VERTICAL_ABOVE_ALT=15000 LIMIT_VERTICAL_RANGE=10000 FLOOR_ALTITUDE=0 ONLY_INJECT_WHEN_USER_AIRBORNE=0 FLOOR_ALTITUDE_ACTIVE=0 PARK_STATIC=1 ********************************* There are 4210 airports in the internal database 07:37:41 Start reading and processing AI_liveries.txt ... ********* AI_liveries.txt summary ********* 939 liveries read from file AI_liveries.txt Reg LX-WCV for "Cargolux 747-400F LX-OCV", already exists for "747-400F RR Cargolux LX-OCV" Reg LX-WCV for "Cargolux 747-400F LX-OCV", already exists for "747-400F RR Cargolux LX-OCV" Reg B-LJC for "AI B748F CPA_B-LJC", already exists for "AI B748F CPA_B-LJA" Reg B-LJC for "AI B748F CPA_B-LJC", already exists for "AI B748F CPA_B-LJA" Reg A6-EYE for "A330-200 RR Etihad large 3rd door", already exists for "A330-200 RR Etihad Manchester City" Reg VN-A371 for "Vietnam Airlines Airbus A330-200", already exists for "Vietnam Airlines Airbus A330-200 Skyteam" Reg CS-TOH for "A330-200 TAP PW", already exists for "A330-200 TAP PW SA" 3250 Registration codes for a livery no generic Boeing liveries no generic Airbus liveries no generic Embraer liveries no generic Bombardier liveries no generic ATR liveries no generic Private liveries 231 unique airlines 50 unique aircraft types Default livery set for aircraft category Heavy, type A306, num liveries: 5 Default livery set for aircraft category Middle, type A318, num liveries: 5 Default livery set for aircraft category Light, type C208, num liveries: 18 No default livery found for aircraft category Helicopter **************************************** 07:37:41 Initializing PSX server at port 10747 07:37:41 Waiting for FlightSimulator to connect ... 07:37:41 Waiting for RealTraffic to connect ... 07:37:42 RealTraffic connected 07:37:45 Waiting for FlightSimulator to connect ... 07:37:48 Waiting for FlightSimulator to connect ... 07:37:51 Waiting for FlightSimulator to connect ... 07:37:55 Waiting for FlightSimulator to connect ... 07:37:58 Waiting for FlightSimulator to connect ... 07:38:01 Waiting for FlightSimulator to connect ... 07:38:05 Waiting for FlightSimulator to connect ... 07:38:08 Waiting for FlightSimulator to connect ... 07:38:11 Waiting for FlightSimulator to connect ... 07:38:15 Waiting for FlightSimulator to connect ... 07:38:23 Lockheed Martin® Prepar3D® v4 connected 07:39:57 User aircraft title: PMDG 737-8AS NGX Ryanair EI-FIL 07:39:57 User aircraft model: B738, category: M 07:39:58 User aircraft position: latitude, longitude 50.041040,8.557495 07:39:58 User aircraft at 50.041040,8.557495, close to or at airport EDDF, dist 1.0 Nm PERCENTAGE_PARKED=30 NUM_PARK_POSITIONS=195 07:39:58 30 % parked set for EDDF 07:39:58 EDDF has 177 parking positions 07:39:58 53 aircraft to be parked AIRPORT_ALTITUDE_FEET=0 07:39:58 Connecting QNH Reader to UDP port 49004 ... 07:39:58 QNH Reader connected 07:39:58 Connecting Traffic Reader to UDP port 49003 ... 07:39:58 Traffic Reader connected 07:39:59 QNH: 998 {"ICAO": "EDDF","QNH": 998, "METAR": "EDDF 170720Z 23015KT 9999 VCSH FEW006 FEW020CB BKN110 02/M00 Q0998 TEMPO 24020G30KT 2000 SHSN BKN010", "NAME": "Frankfurt am Main Airport", "IATA": "FRA","DISTNM": 0.7} 07:40:03 Parked at F214: no parked aircraft found 07:40:03 Parked at F215: no parked aircraft found 07:40:04 Parked at F234: no parked aircraft found 07:40:04 Parked at F235: no parked aircraft found 07:40:04 Parked at F237: no parked aircraft found 07:40:04 Parked at F238: no parked aircraft found 07:40:05 Parked at S602: no parked aircraft found 07:40:07 Parked at V168: no parked aircraft found lf_checkIO_as_Thread Error: bad allocation ******************** live traffic livery matching summary ***************************************** 87 liveries needed, 79% were completely matched, of which 76% were matched upon registration code =s= 1 livery for airline and similar type generated =x= 9 random liveries for type =X= 1 random livery for similar type The missing liveries were for the following airlines and type codes: ADR F100 AFR RJ85 AUA DH8D DLH A20N DLH CRJ9 ETH B77L EWG DH8D GEC B77L The similar livery was for the following airline and type code: DLH A20N A321 *************************************************************************************************** 07:44:28 QNH Reader has stopped 07:44:29 Traffic Reader has stopped 07:44:30 Flight Simulator disconnected Wed Jan 17 07:44:30 2018 The final Psxseecon Atomatic Stopped and the Prepar3D non More Freeeze. Tanks for Repaly, Roberto.
  7. Hello, I have Same Proble At use Psxseecon V9.14 to addons scenery aerosoft EDDF, if I install version V9.11 I do not have problems with freze with the aerosoft EDDF Any Aidea ?
  8. Hello, I have one question for the sequence ( GO AROUND PROCEDURE ) The program checks you 500Ft if stable on ILS, and at 500 Ft the FO will cal - 500 CONTINUE or 500 GO AROUND If I'm at 800 Ft above the Runway and ATC speack to me, turn a GO AROUND, I Call the voice command GO AROUND PROCEDURE and Pus TO/GA the Sequence is Activate ? Or to Stay in CONTINUE/LAND ? Have a good day, Roberto.
  9. Hi,Ok I look find the Fs2crew manual. Have a Good Day, Roberto.
  10. Tanks For Replay, So the correct sequence in Step : - FO Speek HOLDING at FLAPS Set command Speek FLAPS 30 Only have FLAPS 30 - Set command Speek COMPLETE THE CECKLIST FO Speek FLAPS - Set command Speek THIRTY GREEN LIGTH Looking at the manual SOP 3 lists this sequence. Is that correct? Tanks, Roberto.
  11. Hello, Have a problem with the sequence: -COMPLETE THE CHECKLIST At my command Flaps 30 - FO speaks FLAPS I respond Flaps 30 Green Ligth But the procedure does not end, it does not prompt - LANDING LIGHT Should I do manul mode with arrow in Fs2crew Panel, Can someone explain to me where I'm wrong in the sequence? I use SOP 3 Tanks, Roberto.
  12. Ho, One question ! What Procedure SOP Use Ryanair 1, 2 or 3 ? Trans for Replay, Roberto.
  13. Have I caused error (APU Bleed Air = Off) 1- Apu Start = On 2- Apu Bleed Air = Off 3- Call Start Engine 2 4- Fs2crew Voice Message ( no possible Start Engine 2 ) 5- Apu Bleed Air =On ( Pressure Start Engine Ok ) 6- Call Start Engine 2 ( The Sequenze non Start ) 7- Call Start Engine 1 ( The Sequenze Start and Finish ) Fs2crew non a New Step -Taxi- ReMain to Start Engine Sequenze, non message to error. Have Nice Day, Roberto.
  14. Hi, Today or simulated an error, not inserted correctly, the APU Bleed, and I by calling (START SEQUENCE IS 2 THEN 1 ), Pushback I did while I was on the call (ENGINE START 2). Fs2crew I told the Voice that he could not do (ENGINE START 2). I put in the APU BLEED Correct way to slice a procedure ENGINE START, I did call the sequence (START ENGINE 2), in Muenu Bar of the Fs2crew, appeared the call to the correct account, but did not perform the procedure Fs2crew Start of Engine2, but has successfully executed the correct procedure (ENGINE START 1). Why not start Fs2crew ENGINE START 2 with APU BLEED exactly? Clearly not the ending sequence (START ENGINE) Fs2crew did not continue in the CECK-LIST, remaining locked in the sequence of START ENGINE. Have a Good Day, Roberto.
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