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  1. Hi All, my wife has kindly gifted me with a Bravo Throttle unit so i have the above for sale. All in working order, complete with all the knobs and in original packaging. Price asking is R1500 SA Rand. I am located in South Africa. Regards Charlie
  2. I have uninstalled some scenery that was in the add ons in P3d. The uninstaller ran but they are still visible in that screen? How do I remove them? Regards
  3. Thanks All, I think its impossible to have cockpit sounds with the ATC in the headphones which I think is a pity.
  4. Hi All, any idea if this update is compatible with Win 7?
  5. Hi All I would really like some advice, is there away to separate the engine and other sounds to an external set of speakers and leave the ATC and cockpit sounds for the headset? I use a USB headset and if I use the P3D sound settings it puts all sounds in the external speakers except ATC but then all switch sounds, and other cockpit sounds are also only audible thru the external speakers. Do i need another sound card? Thank you all.
  6. Hi All i have Saitek Radio Panel and one rotary outer knob for frequency tuning has become in intermittently stuck? Anyone know why and s so a fix, Logitech does not seem to supply any parts.
  7. Hi All, I wonder if its possible to hear your own voice when using PTT mic button? I can hear all the other sounds very clearly except my own voice. Maybe a setting in the sound setup? Thanks!
  8. hI yes it is the P3D V4 version. The Q400 loads and runs normally in P3D V4.5. The previous V3.3 enables normally as well.
  9. Hi Byork for some reason the update gets as far as to install into P3D but then error message this aircraft is nit installed?
  10. Hi Howard, I think this is my problem to, not sure how you " uninstalled FTX in Vector,"?
  11. Hi All, I am a little confused regarding Sound Folders. There are sound folders within the aircraft folders and then another Sound folder within the P3d root folder for some aircraft as well as various sound files. Should these sounds be in the folders in the root directory or should all the files be copied into this folder? E.G I have some Virtual Col aircraft with their own sound folder in the Simobject folder and then in the root folder another folder called "Vcol Sounds"? If I load a Vcol aircraft e.g the seat belt and No Smoking switches have no sound and there is no "Ding" when switched. Hope this makes sense!🙄
  12. Good day all, after updating to P3D V4.5 the initialization panel no longer appears. It is visible to click the box in the View/Instruments?Vox menu. The indexer and panel set up etc still work .
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