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  1. Any interest or discussion of improving turboprop starting sequence and performance?
  2. If this works, I thank you. I have found the ground handling characteristics terrible and totally unrealistic (real world pilot). Thanks again.
  3. My 2 cents.... Kudos to AmeliaCat! She's got the right attitude.
  4. Given the number of folks who are actually still flying FSX I would have to say no. I, personally, have both P3d v5 and v4.5 and my sim of choice is 4.5. It is stable, reliable, and all of my add-ons work and are tweaked for it.
  5. I felt the same initially but ended up taking the fall. I still fly P3D for actual IFR flying but for fun VFR even the current version of MSFS 2020 is just beautiful .... even if it is still buggy and a pain at times. Flight models need tweaking too but the scenery is gorgeous. And the addition of wave action and icing and some other "stuff" is pretty neat.
  6. Thanks! Just "pulled the trigger" on an HP Reverb and waiting for it to come. This will give me some things to check out besides using it for flying. Steve
  7. Why not just replace the power supply? I just replaced a GTX 1070 with an RTX 2070 and swapped the 600 watt power supply the computer came with for a 1000 watt one. Not only does it now drive 4 monitors flawlessly (three 4K 55 inch plus one 10.4 inch) with excellent FPS, the new power supply is modular so you basically just plug in the cables you need simplifying the install and making it cleaner.
  8. I posted this over on Cockpitbuilders, too, but thought I should also post it here if it helps anyone else having problems. This is just an FYI and I am not 100% sure it is correct, nor do I understand why this is occurring. BUT- in building my new simulator I bought v5 of P3D and loaded it. I kept my v4.5 on the same main computer figuring I had a stable platform whilst debugging the new v5. Running on the single computer ... no issues.Then I got the avionics computer going again and, as soon as I did that I started having crashes. When I launched the G1000 software, either the software would crash on the avionics computer or, more frequently, P3D would crash and I would get a .NET error. This happened pretty much all the time as soon as the software connected. Both computers are relatively new, high powered and completely up to date.Was running a new version of the G1000 software which is v5 compatible and thought it was that so reached out to F1Tech support ... not helpful. Tried everything I could think of with no results but found at least 3 other folks online who were having similar crash problems with different software running on a network and the one common denominator was they all had BOTH v4.5 and v5 on the same computer. Was there a conflict between the two?I de-installed v5, removed all of the associated files and even cleaned the registry of all mentions of v5 and the network problems, .NET issues and the crashes stopped immediately. Yesterday I did the same thing with version 4.5 taking it completely off the main computer and cleaning the registry and then reinstalling version 5.VOILA. No problems. No .NET issues. No crashing and the G1000 software works just fine across the network.So if anyone out there is having problems and has both versions on their setup, be aware that there may be a problem having both. I do not understand why but I think it is real and thought others ought to be aware.Steve
  9. You might think about Wentworth aircraft in Minneapolis. They specialize in GA aircraft only. http://www.wentworthaircraft.com/ Steve
  10. First off. Thank you for responding! Q1 Have you got the USB connectors or the serial port connectors? I have the fomer - if you have the latter I don't know if the potential solutions belwo will work. I have the USB console and pedals, not the serial port one. I have download and loaded the XPUIPC plug in but did not see where it was doing anything. I am a long time user of FSUIPC (? 15 years) so maybe I was expecting something different. Q2 Have you downloaded the PFC calibration tool? All your calibration can be carried out in here. I have the PFC calibration tool and had not thought of using that. I will definitely try that. Thx! But if there is no communication between the calibration tool and X-Plane, how would that make a difference in the program? The calibration of the console in both FSX and P3D is just fine. Q3. Have you set your throttles to the correct ones via the plugins dropdown (the HID file should activate the dropdowns). From here you can also calibrate the number of turns on your trim, chose throttle type, set up a custom throttle, chnage the function of some of your yolk buttons such as Autopilot cancel - there a some others as well but can't remember what they are - but they are all clearly named PFC. Yes and yes though i have not really noticed much difference with changing the number of turns The throttle one is confusing as I have multiple different throttle quadrants for different aircraft but they actually seem to all work without a problem and I was not sure what it is I am supposed to be setting up. Really the only real problem, at least with flying, is with the trim Q4. Once you have calibrated you can set the sensitivities for the rudder and yolk in the XP Setting UI I am not sure what you mean here. Is that in the XPUIPC plug in or in X-Plane itself? Thank you again for your suggestions and response. I will definitely be doing all of this and will update the post. Steve I do not remember if it is just Carenado aircraft ( I do have some ) but what I see is that it takes a tremendous amount of down trim to keep the climb rate from going through the ceiling and then, as you noted, to keep level in cruise. In most cases I am running out of downwards trim before I even get to altitude and have to fly with a lot of forward pressure on the yoke because I have run out of downward trim adjustment (and I do make sure it is set to neutral take off position before flight) THANK YOU AGAIN!
  11. Hope someone out there can help. I am new to the X-plane world and have not been able to get this answered. I have the full global version of X-plane 10. My hardware consists of a Precision Flight Controls C2 Professional Flight Console and a set of PFC rudder pedals. Both are USB though I had the pedals before the C2 so they plug into separate usb ports. After I was able to get the correct x-plane 10 driver from PFC and put it into the resources/plugin folder I have been able to use the hardware and fly in X-plane for the first time. BUT - I cannot calibrate the hardware except for the rudder pedals and toe brakes. X-plane recognizes that I have the USB rudder pedals and also that I have the C2 Professional console (and I have made sure that the serial port model of PFC hardware is unchecked) but I am totally unable to calibrate any of the flight controls. I can program the buttons but moving the yoke, throttles, etc. does not make any difference, nothing in x-plane responds so that you can calibrate and assign the correct function to it. They work and do what they are supposed to do but you just cannot calibrate them. I can still fly for the most part though the trim is totally screwed up and makes it difficult to control certain aircraft. Most of all it is just driving me crazy because I cannot figure out what is going on and/or how to fix it. PFC hardware is RECOMMENDED by Laminar Research and the combo is used by flight schools across the country so I know it is something that had to be addressed a long time ago. Does anyone out there know the answer to this and what I need to do to get this fixed for once and for all? What am I missing or doing wrong? BTW- if you drop the same PFC X-plane 10 HID driver into X-Plane 11 you get the exact same situation. It does work, X-Plane 11 recognizes the hardware and you can fly but you are totally unable to calibrate the device ..... which X-Plane 11 kindly reminds you that your hardware is uncalibrated ...every time you fly a new scenario. Thanks for any help. A frustrated n4208t
  12. Greetings from cold and snowy Minnesota! If that is a url you are listing I get taken to a page that is asking me to create a server.? Am I missing something or did I misinterpret? Thx
  13. Bruce, I am no expert in this so hopefully someone else will chime in but yes, you can buy either a 4 way or 8 way hat switch as a standalone that you can then incorporate into your own console or whatever. However, you will need to interface it to a board and do some rudimentary programming to get it to work. There are also a variety of boards out there so you will again need to make some decisions. The board plugs into the computer via a USB port. The switch itself is not expensive and you can buy them on e-bay. You may want to check around and see if there is a way to program a switch or something on your Redbird. I have a PFC C2 Professional console and I was able to program the rocker switch on the Beech Yoke (right side) to pan right or left in P3D or snap right or left in X-Plane. Not perfect but it works for traffic which is why I need it. Am considering a Track-IR unit but have not made the plunge. Check out the home cockpit section in this forum and also online if your question has not been answered. Best ... Steve (n4208t)
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