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  1. Victory103

    Hot starts with Bill's mods

    expat, Sadly as you know MS didn't really do well modelling the PT6 or any turboprop engine for that matter. The 12% is actually the minimum to wait before introducing fuel, we would generally wait on those hot days well into the 20% range, of course this is on a GPU and not the battery. I doubt modeled as well, but downwind starts are also not going to help when trying to avoid hot starts. Your procedure is correct for an un-modded B200 and the high loads on the starter/gen, switching it to avoid the spike in load after the starter is engaged. I'll take a look at Bill's mod in P3Dv4.4, just have not had time lately to continue my beta tests on another developer's B350.
  2. 1) This may come down to the lack of accurate turboprop performance in the sim regarding spool-up. In my RW experience, we always have the props high with/without pax onboard, then again I was not flying a typical civilian King Air and our re-written checklist's called for the props to be high. 2) At what point are you pulling the power back to flight idle? If I'm using 105kts, and at that speed 50' above the threshold, I'm still flying in ground effect as I try to grease it on without a stall horn sounding into say the high 80s. There is a difference between the flare characteristics of 3 and 4 blade props that I doubt are correct in the sim.
  3. The Army/Army Guard doesn't do "Top Gun" and most CH-47 crews could do this, regardless good job on the crew and sad my bird (UH-60) had to turn the mission over to the Chinook.
  4. Victory103

    Eagle Rotorcraft Simulations Bell 206 help

    J29, on 4.2 I do not have a preview either, but all models so far fly fine in sim.
  5. Victory103

    Helicopter Autopilot for P3Dv4.2 relesead

    Thanks Jorge, installing now.
  6. Victory103

    Helicopter Autopilot for P3Dv4.2 relesead

    Thanks Danny for the quick reply, all I am getting is a "404" error code.
  7. Victory103

    Helicopter Autopilot for P3Dv4.2 relesead

    Danny, anyway to renew your link? Great news to find this after using Dirk's in all my FS9/X helos for years now.
  8. Not without some coding, the real one doesn't look like this in MAP. The stock GPS info was used to sim the mapping and ground proximity modes I think.
  9. Victory103

    what ac uses g500/g600 in rl ?

    Really up to the owner and his wallet, I used to fly a rental 1st gen Mooney with a Garmin GTN6xx to replace the COM/NAV, fun to have that technology in a 1960's era aircraft. I've seen the G500/600 in everything from piston singles to turbo twins, some vids on 'Tube as well.
  10. Victory103

    B200 Mod

    My data is military flight manuals that are on the web and training course material, but like Ken's info it will be proprietary. I have EFIS-85 numbers (should be close) and FCS-65 data. The C-12U (B200C) was pretty close to the Carenado B200.
  11. Victory103

    Decision altitude

    You select REFS on the DCP (right of PFD) and set both radar and Baro altitudes depending on the approach you are trying to fly.
  12. Victory103

    Blackhawk B350i Mod v1.0

    Got the update, thanks installing now. I have no idea how to code or I would love to dig into the systems provided as the SP will probably never come. The aircraft is more enjoyable now with these mods and I'm ok with them not being related to the real world PL21. The 350i and GTX were pretty much shelved for me and I went back to the EFIS B200 and even had the crazy thought of a single turboprop, the PC12. I've been impressed with the F1 GTN and I'm adding it to all my FS aircraft, including helos. Yes, GA will disengage the AP yet leave YD on, put up +7 pitch bars and revert to ROLL mode to capture the heading when selected regardless of where the actual heading bug is (most of us constantly "synch" the HDG bug anyway, especially during approaches).
  13. Are you losing RPM or just full and no airspeed? Don't own the Cessna, in a few other Carenado twins I own, I found the while onset of surface icing is a nice feature, it's hard to just wait for it as there is no visual clue on wings/windshield. Was the -185 FI even modeled correctly?
  14. Victory103

    Blackhawk B350i Mod v1.0

    Let me know what you need Bill, fly the real one. I spoke too soon on the FLC, would not hold in the decent, held 10-15kts slower then selected not an issue as "VS" or PITCH can be used. On the TOGA button, in the 350 it only pulled up the 2D FGP (autopilot) panel and nothing on the PFD? Will the GTN auto advance to the missed approach waypoint? Do the prop adjustments show any changes to the MFD, as I'm not getting minimum 1050 prop rpm even at low idle, have to move the condition levers to HI, which are running at 73 N1, minimum 70%. Not sure if the PFD is following the GTN in LNAV+V modes, although the GP was showing during the approach. Regardless, I was happy to complete a full missed approach holding via the GTN, even entered holding correctly! Sadly the FMS may never get this function in this model. Completely understand the PL21 situation, many pages and code to write.
  15. Victory103

    Blackhawk B350i Mod v1.0

    Back from family time and testing now. Finally FLC works! Hoping down the road to get to fly a -67/5 blade prop real world, just to see how the numbers stack up against a stock 350. Is there anything else that can be done on the PL21 for both planes to get it closer to the real one?