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  1. I was seeing increased instances of skeleton aircraft along with slow loading textures in VC mode..."grayed out textures". This seemed to be a recent issue with my setup, about the last month or so. I've been running TML at 4096 and HD textures through the NGX performance config...or so I thought! After reading this thread, i decided to check the performance config again...oops! I didn't have the HD VC textures "checked." So, I clicked on it and then ran fsx again with the NGX. My issues with the skeleton aircraft and grayed out textures in the VC view are about 98% gone! i still have a couple of flashes of the symptoms but nothing like the 2-3 second problems of before. I do spend a lot of time flying around KSEA with max'd out settings, so a few micro flashes are to be expected... Thanks Howard for posting this as it has made flying my favorite aircraft that much more enjoyable!
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