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  1. Sorry, it's stated 'Closed'
  2. Hi all, In the middle MFD there's a text stating that the spoilers are off. Are there spoilers on a Phenom 100, and if so, how can you set them?
  3. Yes, I know. They are both OPEN. Still, nothing. Only works if I switch to an other airplane first. I looks like the same thing I had with the Piper Seneca a while ago. Thanks.
  4. When I switch to an other plane (like the B58 of Carenado) and switch the fuel over there, then go back to the King Air, I do get the engines started.
  5. I've read the entire tutorial. Still engines won't start. Turbine RPM goes till 12.0. Then I set my mixture to low-idle, nothing happens. No ITT, no torque. Help please.
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