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  1. Hi, The problem was spotted also with EZDOCK , so its not chase plane specific , though why its happening only in the 747 ? as I never had this problem with the ngx or the 777...
  2. Hello , This abnormal behavior had happen to me in several occasions , also on other flights of my friend fly the QQTS , this problem randomly occurs under landing in windy conditions ,upon touchdown the aircraft will decelerate but with thr reverse applying speed suddenly accelerate what will cause bouncing landing and problem to stop the aircraft. This speed accelerate defiantly caused by the reverse thrust ! I attached a video of my landing which this issue occurs https://www.twitch.tv/videos/223399125?t=13h40m01s
  3. Great ! Anyway if someone will do those repaints please contact amirfriededly(at)gmail.com for Cockpit setups...
  4. 4X-EKR SUN DOR - please please please http://img17.imageshack.us/img17/9800/img0848hn.jpg http://img651.imageshack.us/img651/5708/img0849dp.jpg EKM is also the same.. http://img831.imageshack.us/img831/2636/img0851yp.jpg http://img213.imageshack.us/img213/111/img0850j.jpg
  5. Please.. EL AL 737-700 4X-EKE if somebody need Cockpit set-up config as in the real one , fell free to ask. thank you !
  6. what about EL AL 737-758 (4x-ekd) repaint, please thanks
  7. hi,EL AL repaint for the 737-700 will be great :)4X-EKDthanks.
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