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  1. My PMDG Operations Center Updater does not work, and has not worked in over 2 years. I turn off Norton, and use Administrator, but the Operations Center updater simply pops up for a few seconds and then disappears. I gave up. I would like to update my liveries because the ones I have are outdated. When I purchased the PMDG products back then, they had the liveries listed to choose from.
  2. Cfoley

    Out Of Memory

    I did changed the FSX scenery complexity from "Very dense" to "Dense". That may also have helped. Also, On most occasions when I do long flights with a PMDG 747 or Level-D 767 aircraft, I will get a CTD on final, not an OOM. Also, on that particular flight I did, I landed at night. I don't know if that would have any effect with OOM. I also use Delta Virtual Airlines and if I get a CTD, I can recover the flight at where the CDT took place. I love that feature!
  3. Cfoley

    Out Of Memory

    I was able to do a fight with a PMDG 777-300 from FSdreamteam KDFW airport to EGLL London Heathrow add-on airport without a "Out of Memory" hit. It was a 9 hour flight too. I thought for sure it would happen on final approach, but didn't. Very strange. Cfoley
  4. Cfoley

    Out Of Memory

    No, I have not added anything. The problem seemed to have started after I updated FSDreamteam GSX add on. When you open up GSX in FSX, sometimes they state with a message that they have updates and you download the updates. Cfoley
  5. Cfoley

    Out Of Memory

    I have my Autogen setting set at "Normal". I have not changed any of my settings in over a year. That is why I am puzzled with the OOM problem now started after all this time. CFoley
  6. For the first time in flight simulating for 7 years, I have twice received an "Out of Memory" in FSX upon final approach or landing with either a PMDG 737 or 777 at FSDT add airports and on short flights that are either 2 or 3 hours. I have been using these aircraft for several years without OOM occurring and I am puzzled why it started now. Never had OOM with PMDG aircraft, even on 12 hours flights! I have been using Windows 7 with 64 bit operating system. Is there any possibilities why this started now? I am at a loss. I have not changed anything on my computer. It seems to have started when I updated FSDT GSX with their updates they send. Cfoley
  7. Cfoley


    Regarding Fatal Errors, or CTD, I on some occasions get them when I use a PMDG aircraft on a long haul flight to a add on airport. But a fix, if you can really call it a "fix" is join DVA - Delta Virtual Airlines. It is a non profit flight simulation that you use with FSX. It tracks your flight with all the details and a detailed tracking map. If you have a CTD, your flight can be restored where it crashed in FSX through DVA. On a fight with a PMDG 747 from London to San Diego for example, I had a CTD on final approach to KSAN. When FSX reloaded after the CTD, I filed the same flight plan in FSX, then loaded DVA and it asks if you want to restore my flight. It will load it up where the flight had it's fatal error and you can continue your flight. I had a couple of CTD's and DVA restored them. The only drawback if you use FSpassengers on your flight like I do, it will not restore that, but at least you can reach your destination. With Delta Virtual Airlines, you don't have to be flying a Delta aircraft. You can pick any you want in your FSX menu. The only requirement is that you make a minimum of two flights a month. CFoley
  8. SimMarket is the seller of FSX products, they do not trouble shoot. I have sent emails to Overland, but get no reply.
  9. Manually? I don't know how to do that.
  10. I tried several times re-downloading from my SimMarket purchase, at least 6 times since I purchased it. I contacted Overland, but never received reply from them.
  11. Cfoley

    PMDG Operations center no liveries

    Okay, Thanks! I just submitted a ticket. Cf
  12. I purchased the FSX version.
  13. I purchased the Overland Incheon International airport from Simmarket, but the airport does not load into FSX. During the process, it does not ask for the serial key either. I click the link and it goes through the installation process, but never asks for the registration key, and then it finishes. The airport is not downloaded into my airport file. I tried contacting Overland months ago, but no reply. They also don't allow any negative reviews of their product either. Pretty lousy set up they got. Cfoley
  14. It has been a while since I added a livery to my PMDG 747-400. When I pull up the Operation Center 747-400 or 737-900, it does not list any options for adding liveries, just to purchase on the right screen. Nothing on the left box of the menu except the type of aircraft. Click on that and there is nothing. I wish I could post the image of what I get to make it more clear what the problem is. The 777 lists the liveries for some reason. Cfoley
  15. Cfoley

    fsdreamteam KDFW trial and GSX?

    Do you have other FSdreamteam add on airports to see if GSX is in the FSX menu bar? If it is not listed in the menu bar, you may need to reinstall GSX. Go to FSdreamteam and go to the GSX purchase page, click the "Full installer" and it will bring back your GSX. As far as it not working on FSdreamteam Demo's, I don't know if it supposed to work or not. But first is to make sure GSX is working at your other airports and if it is listed on your menu options in FSX. Today I downloaded FSdeamteams KLAS updates, but after I did that, GSX disappeared and I had to reinstall it. By the way FSdreamteam DFW is an excellent airport. Cfoley