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  1. It is more than frustrating to say the least. It is quite baffling that the devs at Beyond ATC can build a product that potentially is going to be an absolute game changer when it comes to ATC. To me ATC is an absolute must for immersiveness.
  2. I am anxiously waiting for Beyond ATC to come out and really don't want to buy another program in the interim but, I am really at my wits end with MS ATC. I kind of been out of FS due to familial obligations but over the past couple weeks I have purchased some new hardware and software for it and have been getting back into it as time allows. I fly primarily commercial trying to fly real world routings however, I have only been able to complete 1 flight out of maybe 10 with complete MS ATC sounds. The ATC sound will cut out shortly after takeoff. I use FS-ATC chatter, GSX pro, and FSLTL. I have my copilot handle comms while I fly. Although MS ATC has its shortcomings, it never just cut out on me since I installed it. I have looked online and in forums trying various remedies (comm 2, switching back in forth between online and offline mode, really ratcheting down traffic injection) but alas, no joy. I have looked into some of the other ATC programs offered but the voices don't sound as good as the AZURE voices except for what I hear in the Beyond ATC demos. I really don't want to shelve FS right now so I was hoping that there may be some things that I have missed which you all can point out.
  3. So this has been driving me batty all night. When I bring back my throttles to the idle detent on the bravo, I am in full reverse. I have calibrated with the EFB but it does not use the detent as idle. In the EFB it doesn't show any throttle travel at all from full reverse back to the detent. It only show travel after the detent to their preconfigured idle. I have set all the detents in the EFB but not having the physical idle detent that I can feel before throwing it in reverse just doesn/t feel right. What am I missing? Thank you all in advance for the advice.
  4. Hello all, I am upgrading and building a new pc going from an 7700k, 1070, 32gbs ddr4 to a 12700k, 3080 12gbs, 32gbs ddr5. I have MSFS on its own m.2 drive (970 EVO plus) and will be installing an 980 Pro for the OS. The new board I bought is the ASUS Apex so I can install my mechanical drive, my SSD, as well as the two m.2 drives. My question is since my MSFS is the only thing on the970, do I have to do a complete reinstall or will MS just do its thing when I first start it up.
  5. Ok, Need some help with the correct procedures for the MCDU when getting the IAF and runway from ATC. ATC continues to turn me around to the last waypoint which is quite frustrating after a decent flight. I have tried to put the STAR in the MCDU while flight planning but if winds change ATC gives me a different runway and STAR most of the time, Any help would be appreciated
  6. I have the master build in my community folder but the the ADIRS knobs now show inop and the seatbelt and no smoking switches are showing inop. Did I miss a step? All was working prior to patch
  7. This is exactly what I am looking for. If I load a FP into the MCDU the ATC screen does not show the ATIS for the destination airport. By the time I get approach instructions, it is generally too late to enter in the correct approach as I have found that I am past the initial approach fix. I would love to know a way to get around this. I generally use RW FP from flightaware an then just input it into simbrief or skyvector and even though the original flight may have just taken place hours before, the destination runway is different. ANy tips would be greatly appreciated.
  8. Ok, so I have a 3-4 year old system (i7-7700k, Strix z270e 32gigs DDR-4 RAM, Strix GTX GTX1070) and a really old LED 23" LG IPS LED monitor. I am not necessarily upgrading my hardware at this point but do want to upgrade my monitor. I really like the Ultrawides leaning towards the 3440x1440 as it seems that my card should be able to push it but I am reading conflicting information on here saying that UHD with a lower refresh rate is the way to go for flightsim as that is the only thing I "play" on my machine. I like the looks of the 34" AOC ultrawide that is at a nice price point on Amazon ($437) but I really am intrigued with the whole freesync vs g-sync. In ya'lls opinion, what would be the best monitor for my setup?
  9. Thank you for the response. Do I do this in the program itself or in XP11?
  10. Does 124th ATC actually call out airliners by company names or, does it use tail numbers like the XP11 default ATC?
  11. Thank you for the advice. I will attempt to do so.
  12. I am a relatively new x-plane user and ran across a situation last night that I can't seem to figure out. I had a perfectly working pb11 and installed the Challenger 300 that was on sale. Once installed I couldn't get enough rudder deflection to steer past 20-30 degrees thus not being able to effectively taxi effectively at all. I figured I would post in that forum later about the issue and in the meantime I went back to the 172. When it spawned. it abruptly skidded 45 degrees to the right and slowly began to back up with no control or throttle input at all. I applied power and attempted to taxi and once again was not able to turn the aircrafy beyond the 20-30 degree threshold. I re calibrated my saitek pedals, made sure that AI was off, and made sure failures were off and after repeated attempts with other aircraft was still not able to resolve my issue. I posted in the .org forum but have yet to garner any responses and was hoping that I might be able to get some suggestions here. Any ideas?
  13. I was afraid that you might say that. I was actually think that I would actually use an adapter board for the M.2 or just get the 2.5 SSD as I am really trying to hold off to see about any performance gains are to be had with Ryzen. I mean even with my 2500K I am getting 30+ fps at moderately high settings in XP11 after I put in the GTX1070 (15-20 before). I am thinking about just biting the bullet instead of waiting though because I get so overwhelmed with all the choices out there (you should see me with the menu at Cheesecake Factory). Should I wait for Ryzen or should I go for it with this kind of set-up: https://secure.newegg.com/Shopping/ShoppingCart.aspx
  14. Thank you for the response. How much room does W10 take up? So the 2 SSD's (1 M.2 and 1 2.5) would work ok? Or, should I keep it it to 2 2.5 SSD's? I am going to keep my HDD as storage. This was kind of along the lines of what I was thinking. Having the 2 SSD's. Just wondering if there would be enough of a difference to get an M.2 card vs the 2.5 SSD's
  15. I am hoping that I could get some suggestions from you all on what kind of storage set ups are being utilized on your rigs. I am beginning a "gradual" upgrade of my current rig (2500k@4.2, Gigabyte Z68X-UD4-B3, 1TB Hitachi HDD, 8GB DDR3, ASUS ROG 1070 - new) and am looking at storage as my next upgrade. I use FSX-SE and XP11 and currently have my current drive partitioned with work on C and fligntsim on F. My original thinking is that I would use a 500GB M-2 card for the OS and maybe a 1TB 2.5 for flight sim?
  16. Thank you for the response Steve. Now assuming I get the MB and CPU, wouldn't that also require a new GPU as well? Also I am torn between what kind of dedicated SSD I should get; the 2.5 or the M.2 as well as the capacity.
  17. So I have been out of simming for about 4 years and in the last month or so decided I wanted to get back into it. My set up currently is i52500k@4.1 | Gigabyte GA-Z68X-UD4-B3 Z68 | Asus 560 Ti | 16MB RAM | 1TB Samsung Spinpoint HDD. I cleaned up my HDD and partitioned it with my OS on "C" and downloaded FSX-SE on "F". I reinstalled PDMG 737, UT2 and subsequently went on a REX, GEX, ORBX, and a sundry of add-ons spending spree. With my FPS fixed at 30 It appeared to be running pretty well. Even though I was taking an FPS hit at detailed airports, it was still relatively smooth and flyable. This led me to believe that I might be able to hold off on a complete rebuild for maybe 6-10months or so as I also want to be able to get the HTC Vive or Occulus Rift so that I can use the Flyinside app add-on. Well I downloaded the XP11 demo the other day and saw a pretty smooth "slideshow" which prompted me to maybe start a "gradual" upgrade. The question I have is, given my current system, what would be a logical progression to upgrade my system while still being able to use it? I am trying to avoid a complete upgrade as I already spent quite a bit on add-ons and hardware and don't think that I can quite talk my other half in spending another $1200+ in new computer hardware in one swail foop.Any and all suggestions welcomed.
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