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  1. As far as I know from the Prosim forum, only some efis functions does not work, cause the developer does not know the right offsets. But thats only for the efis functions. But this should be possible mentioned here: http://prosim737.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=13&t=787&p=3890&hilit=offsets#p3890
  2. Positive! Mission completed!Many thanks for this great tool, service and fast solution.The buttons are the easy way....
  3. Unfortunely no improvement.But again, when I check under Buttons+Switches select for fs controls and include PM and then choose in the drop down menu under control send when button pressed PM head inc 10 it works.The same for all the mcp buttons.
  4. Ok. But what I do not understand is if you choose in FSUIPC direct the PM heading offset (Buttons&switches - drop down menu) prosim reacts on the input smoothly (but even no display). You know, I am not a programmer and my skills here are limited, so maybe I understand something wrong...
  5. Following answer by the developer: ProSim reads offset 0x5408. Could you perhaps monitor that offset in FSUIPC and check if this is correctly updated when you use your hardware MCP? Does it help?
  6. This is absolute great!!!! That means PM/Prosim is the first and only aviation suit working with the Vrinsight mcp combo!!Donation will be made!
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