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  1. The explanation of threegreen is particularly clear & relevant about CPU usage in P3D; thanks a lot! So, definitetely, as I don't have enough money to upgrade my CPU and my GPU, I will not buy RTX 2070, and keep my i7-4790k. But... I have the opportunity to buy Asus GeForce GTX 1070 Dual OC for 280 €; do you think it's a good idea compared to GTX 970?
  2. Thanks Bert for this information. I will check it this evening. Thanks vertox681. In fact, I never tried to overlock my processor. I've got a Be Quiet Pure Rock as CPU cooler; do you think I can try to overlock my processor?
  3. Thanks threegreen. But something I don't understand with P3D: even if I test Ultra settings my CPU and my GPU are not satured... And, on the other hand, on ground, whatever the settings, FPS stays around 25-30 fps (less if bad weather, especially during take-off or landing)... The higher the settings, the more lag... Why?
  4. Thanks for you answer! Yes, it's sufficient (I've got Be Quiet Pure Power 630W). To be precise, I don't imagine to buy a 2080 but a 2070. Your answer is stil the same?
  5. HI everyone! I use P3D v3 on my PC, and I will certainly buy and use P3D v4 in the next future. I mostly fly PMDG 737 NGX or MJC Q400 with ORBX BASE + Vectors + openLC + Trees HD, GSX, ASN, Chaseplane, fs2crew. And of course, sceneries for airports such as Jetstream LFRS, Aerosoft LEPA, etc. Perhaps I will fly FSLabs A320-X. My actual configuration is: Motherboard: Z97-A CPU: i7-4790k RAM: 2 x 4 Gb @ 1600 MHz CAS 9 GC: GTX970 OC by ASUS SSD: 2 x 250 Go, for Windows, P3D and addons HD: 1 x 1 To, for storage Screen: 24", 1080p I think it is necessary to upgrade my PC to improve gaming. I already bought 2 x 4 Gb @ 1600 MHz CAS 9, so my configuration is now 16 Gb of RAM. Do you think it's a good idea to change my graphic card while I keep my CPU (I don't want to change my CPU because, if I do that, I need to change also my motherboard and it's too expensive). For example, i7-4790k + MSI RTX2070 GAMING Z could be a good configuration? I can buy this GPU for 500 € but I want to be sure to see improvements! Perhaps, RTX2060 SUPER is good enough? Or AMD RX 57..? Thanks in advance for you help!
  6. Hello! Do you plan to create FMS of Q400 from Majestic Software? Thanks in advance for your answer!
  7. Same problem with Spad.next... I'm a little disappointed by FS2Crew which is not compatible with programs that control Saitek panels.
  8. IHi Maarten, I think I have the same problem. SimlauncherX downloads the file for update, but then, update fails. Actual version: 5.0.5964.25397 Latest version : 5.0.5967.32851 Thanks in advance for your help! Matthieu
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