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  1. Hello! Do you plan to create FMS of Q400 from Majestic Software? Thanks in advance for your answer!
  2. Hello! Having problem with the last version of FS2Crew. When saying "set IAS 185" (for instance), IAS value change but never stops at the good one (here, 185). Bad interaction with SPAD.neXt? Any idea? Matt
  3. FSLogin

    Q400, SPAD.neXt and IAS

    OK. Thanks for your answer!
  4. FSLogin

    Q400, SPAD.neXt and IAS

    I already tried to put YES for Linda options. It works well, except for IAS...
  5. FSLogin

    Majestic Dash Sound

    Sorry, my post was not clear enough: exterior sounds are horrible only if I use Chaseplane. Otherwise, sounds are fine enough. Matt
  6. FSLogin

    Majestic Dash Sound

    For me, interior sounds are nice but exterior sounds are horrible (crackle)! Matt
  7. Hello! I am unable to use pan view (hat switch of Saitek Yoke) with MJC Q400. (Hat switch is configured in Control Assignements for Tilt and Pan). It works well with other airplanes. Any idea? Matt
  8. FSLogin

    Q400 and pan view

    Curiously it works now, with the same version of Chaseplane (v0.3.20Beta). Also there was a problem with the camera controls that it solves. I just reboot my computer... Something that does not work: exterior sounds are horrible if Chaseplane works (without, sounds are nice). Matt
  9. FSLogin

    SLX menu inside P3D

    Hi Maarten! Thanks a lot for your amazing software! I don't understand: SLX menu did not appear anymore inside P3D. Is an entry inside dll.xml or exe.xml necessary? Thanks in advance for your help. Matthieu
  10. Hello! I'm using SPAD.neXt to use my Saitek devices (and more) with P3D. It works well with Q400 ... except if I'm using FS2CREW: LVARS controlled / asssigned by my Saitek devices go mad and Saitek devices show erratic and/or random values. Any idea?
  11. FSLogin

    FS2CREW, Q400 and SPAD.neXt

    Hi everybody! Any news about SPAD.neXt and FS2Crew?
  12. FSLogin

    FS2CREW, Q400 and SPAD.neXt

    Unfortunately, the problem is still here...
  13. Same problem with Spad.next... I'm a little disappointed by FS2Crew which is not compatible with programs that control Saitek panels.
  14. FSLogin

    April 30 2016: Udate mechanism is broken!

    IHi Maarten, I think I have the same problem. SimlauncherX downloads the file for update, but then, update fails. Actual version: 5.0.5964.25397 Latest version : 5.0.5967.32851 Thanks in advance for your help! Matthieu
  15. FSLogin

    FS2CREW, Q400 and SPAD.neXt

    Hello! SPAD.neXt (http://www.fsgs.com/forum/) is à software that allow users to control Saitek devices (and other USB devices). It's a very usefool tool to program every buttons and axes of Saitek devices. Thanks for your help!