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  1. All OK here. Upgraded from Win7 to Win10 without the ordeal of having to reinstall FSX. Same frame rates, identical experience. How? Initially there was a black preview window and black display within the sim. Deleted (renamed) FSX.cfg. Allowed the sim to build a new one. Don't worry, you can get your settings back later. AA turned *ON* from within FSX (ignored Nvidia Inspector, default settings if you hit problems) Run FSX in compatability mode (WinXP SP3) At this point FSX was up and running. I then pasted sections of FSX.cfg from my old file to the new one to restore the settings. Most sections could be pasted OK, I think it was the "display" bit that caused a problem. There were a couple of crashes which the event viewer said were UIAutomationcore.dll so...... UIAutomationcore.dll fix to FSX installation folder (never needed this on Win7 but it was needed for Win10) Hey presto. Same experience as Win7. No crashes, smooth frames, PMDG, ASN, etc all fine. Hope that's helpful to someone. Marc
  2. marc0

    Descent Forecast Uplink

    Hi Just checking, do you have the route loaded in ASN? Marc Griffiths
  3. marc0


    The 777 will not receive the descent forecast uplink unless ASNext has the correct flight plan loaded. Once you receive the wind uplink, PMDG should create a file called wx.flt (or wx.pln??), just import into ASNext and you should have everything working.
  4. marc0

    Anyone got a fix for the airbridge and 777?

    A fix would be nice (not saying it's up to PMDG to provide this!!). It's all default FSX jetways as far as I can tell.
  5. marc0

    Braking Problem at St Maarten TNCM

    Strange one that, does it show that your wheel chocks are engaged on the ground connections page?
  6. marc0

    PMDG 737NGX Livery Availability

    I'd *love* to see a Thomson Airways paint, perfect for those holiday routes :( Marc Griffiths