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  1. 1/ I am trying to findout how to start this bird from a cold/dark situation and thus would like to see a procedure manual. In the me available ducuments provided by Carenado I find all kinds of procedures but not the one I am lookinh for. 2/ I have been looking at a youtube film in which there was mention of some sort of clickspots e.g. A/Overlay autopilot,C/ camera and O/ options in thr lefthand bottom of the screen. Upon loading the bird on my PC in P3Dv5.1 I see no such thing nor can I find something simular anywhere else. Pls assist and advise. Regards Dirk
  2. Is there any anyone willing and/or able to paint a PMDG 748i in a (fictional) Martinair Livery? in case Yes my Thanks in advance. Regards Dirk
  3. Roberto, I tried following the step by step procedure but already from the start I am running into problems. Rather than using the Avsim platfor for our communication I would like to contact you directly via e.mail but have no idea on how to let you have mine. Regards Dirk
  4. Roberto, many thanks for the step by step installation procedure which I received during the night and have just now witnessed. During the next hours I will start the procedure and hopefully it will work for me. If not I hope you don't mind me contacting you and/or Mark again. Dirk
  5. Mark, A couple of days ago I purchased the license for the 747 cdu and I have been trying to make it work ever since unfortunitely without succes. I tried it with the Manuel but also was not succesfull. Now I am an elderly male of 74 and my knowledge ofthe PC is prettig good but not as good as they younger generation so I am turbine to you for help. The P3D simulator is on my PC and I have an additional Laptop on which I would like to see and use the CDU on that. Maybe am I asking to much but is it possible to have a step by step readme which I can follow? kind regards Dirk
  6. Mark, Very nice piece of work and I do want to download and install it accordingly. Those of you already using the Remote CDU functionality have asked for it and I'm happy to say, with the upcoming update from PMDG, the EFB will be supported as well 🙂  It will be available as a new license option. The update on January 3rd last I have completed but fail to see the new license option. What can or must I do? Regards Dirk
  7. Roar and all other responders, Thanks for your inputs. The last one from Roar is the solution to my problem. kind regards Dirk
  8. I have the following minor proplem with my CPFlight hardware 737MCP EL namely that the green control lights (LNAV/VNAV etc.) on the hardware do not light up while on the PMDG aircraft they do. I contact the technical department of the store from where I purchased the hardware and they believe it's a communication error between the hardware and the PMDG software and go into the PMDG FAQ's for a possible answer and/or solution. Maybe this topic has already been issued before but I at least cannot trace anything. Please assist. Regards Dirk
  9. understood and thanks for the answers. dirk
  10. Hello, maybe the topic haa already been raised in the past but I at least cannot anything to that extend and thus I am going to raise it now. In the Fcom manual I cannot find the answer for my question which is; How and where can I set my Landing Altitude in the Boeing 747-400/800????? Hope someone can provide the answer and for which my advanced thanks. Dirk
  11. Thanks Kevinh, I will try it out Dirk
  12. Kevinh and Mark, thanks for your input and helped me. But my qustion still remains unswerred and tha is if Reaistic engagement is abled (on) in the FMC where can and must I correct the Trim? Dirk
  13. My below mentioned question has obviously in time been raised and answered but which, going back a long time in the Forum, I seem not able to find. I have also tried to read the manuals but there also I cannot find a, for me, plausible answer. It concerns the actual setting of the trim based on what the FMC calculations. I read somewhere in one of the manuals about Realist Engagement on/off etc. but this also I cannot find. Please assist and point me in the right direction. Kind regards Dirk
  14. There is a little box you can push and it says realism …. In the P3D menu or As16 menu? And last but not least...are all the aforementioned settings for P3D or AS16? Thanks Dirk
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