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  1. Kyle, thanks a lot for your clear explanation. I agree with the former writer (wsmeier) that it is definitely something to be shared with a broader audience. I will have to see what I can do about cleaning up my present AV and which will help getting OC to work properly again. Regards Dirk
  2. Kyle, please excuse me bothering you again. The reason why is that I am a 71 year old man and believe to have reasonable amount of computer knowledge but deffinately not as much as these the present younger generation. Ever since FS 9 have I been on FS and have been a PMDG customer since the start. You keep referring to "After-market AV" and I have no idea as to the meaning of smae. I assume Av stands for Anti Virus and if that is so I only have Malwaebyte up and running with which I, up and till the latest update, never encounter any such problem with the OC. My question to you is, why all of a sudden now since the latest update, and is it your suggestion that I delete Malwarebyte from my system? Regards Dirk
  3. Kyle, further regading this matter. I have been having simular problems ever since RJR's message date Wednesday September 13th last. The OC notifies me of the various updates upon which I start the installAt the bottom of the OC I notioce a blue bar in which it is stated "Download completed" upon which the DOS screen appears with 6 sentences *last one staing "Fetching available product information for P3D..." Than it stops after which I get a white pop up box stating and I quote PMDG_Updater_77L_P3D.exe has stopped working. A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available. Unquote Same happens on all my PMDG A/C. The only AV I have installed is Malwarebyte. What I find strange is that having newly downloaded from the PMDG Web the previous order and installing it in a just newly installed P3D v4 I keep getting the update messages on the OC. Hopefully the aforementioned information is meaningfull to you and will enable you to find a slution to my queries. Kind regards Dirk Karmelk (The Netherlands)
  4. Hello Chasplane friends, On YouTube I watch quite some video's in which I see walk around 's. I have been experimenting in ChasePlane on how to accomplish this but till now with NO luck. So I am turning to the experts hoping that someone will be so kind and point me in the right direction on how to set the settings/preferences accordingly. Thanks in advance and kind regards Dirk
  5. Thank you all for the answer I needed confirmed. Dirk
  6. Referring to the aforementioned Title I may add it's just to seek a confirmation to ease the mind of an elderly man. When installing a PMDG A/C (737NGX-777-747 and DC-6) one gets the question in the popup menu in which P3D file you want to install them. Both P3D v3 and v4 are ticked so my question is: do I only leave ticked the P3d version I am using which in my case will be P3D v4. Thanks in advance and regards, Dirk
  7. Much appreciated Kyle. Dirk
  8. Kurt, Thanks for the assist. I am going to look into your advise tomorrow (CET) and revert back. Dirk
  9. Hi, Well following is the problem. After having properly installed the PMDG DC-6B and having opened P3Dv4 ChasPlane will open as usual. However after having used the Camera for the outside settings and having confirmed them I can just not toggle them around. Dirk
  10. I am having problems with ChasePlane. Is it me or is it that CP is not able to function properly with the PMDG DC-6B? Regards Dirk Karmelk
  11. kyle, Will you be so kind to direct me to the correct documentation and possible paragraph/page? Thanks in advance and kind regards Dirk Karmelk
  12. Thanks for your response. I will just have to see if I can find the solution. Kind regards Dirk
  13. Is my question so stupid or just not possible to accomplish? Dirk
  14. Hello Chaseplane friends I need your assistance for the following. I have seen some Youtube films in which a walkaround of the aircraft was shown. For some reason I cannot find the correct preferences/control assignments by which I can accomplish the same. Is there someone out there who can direct me in the right way please ? Kind regards Dirk
  15. Hello you painters, On Avsim and Flightsim.Com I noticed a beautifull repaint of above mention TDS B737-800 WL. I would very much appreciate if there is someone in our community able to do the same only this time for the PMDG NGX 800WL. Very much look forward seeing this beauty and for which I thank who ever in advance. Kind regards Dirk