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  1. karmelk

    Which AS16 settings for our PMDG Aircraft

    thank you Shamrockflyer. dirk
  2. karmelk

    Which AS16 settings for our PMDG Aircraft

    There is a little box you can push and it says realism …. In the P3D menu or As16 menu? And last but not least...are all the aforementioned settings for P3D or AS16? Thanks Dirk
  3. karmelk

    VATSIM Achieves Membership Milestone

    Congratulations with the positive results and as many we remain hopefull for a even better future of Vatsim. I do however have 1 comment. Many a time when preparing a flight from an THEN active airport to and other THEN active airport I firn that either one or both ATC availability suddenly has stopped. Or after departing sometime during the flight the destination ATC airport seems to have gone offline. Altought I realise that the controllers are, just as us pilots, pure individuals providing us ATC assistance in their free and spare time I wonder if somehow this can be better ncordinated or a schedule from which one can see from what time and how long the respective ATC will be online. Thanks Dirk
  4. karmelk

    Which AS16 settings for our PMDG Aircraft

    Oranjeman, What exactly do you mean with don't forget Realism? Dirk
  5. karmelk

    Switch to outside views

    Ken, thanks a lot for your explanation which I find very helpful. Dirk
  6. karmelk

    Switch to outside views

    Jeff, Ken and others thanks for your immediate replies but I am still in the dark. 1/ for Ken: how and where do I turn off outside cinematic view? 2/ for Jeff: same question regarding outside view if no keyboard activity above 18000 feet? Regards Dirk
  7. karmelk

    Switch to outside views

    Can someone please help me with the following problem I am experiencing in P3D v4.2. I am flying a PMDG a/c with Active Sky active and after a sertain period (maybe 10 minutes or so) the view automatically changes from the inside (flightdeck) view to an outside view. If I am fast enough with my mouse it will return to the inside view but in the event I am not the outside view will remain and I have no clue (other then resetting P3D) how to correct it. Tosay I had to terminate my flight in Vatsim because of the aforementioned. Apreciate any help I can get. kind regrads Dirk
  8. karmelk

    Starting P3D v4.2

    Same here, it started after having installed v4.2. Dirk
  9. karmelk

    Starting P3D v4.2

    Hello Simulator friends, lately I have encounterred a unpleasant problem when starting subject Sim. Can anyone hopefully inform me why when starting the Sim the Loading Terrain Data and Auto-Generated scenery takes minutes (someimes approx 5 mins) and if so provide me with a positive solution? Kind regards Dirk
  10. I might have missed some information in the near past but what is the NG3? At first I thought it was version 3 for the NGX but somewhere from the aforementioned information I have the feeling that it is not the NGX but ????????? Appreciate someone telling me. Regards Dirk
  11. karmelk

    DC-6A TMA Paint

    Jankees, I never thought that someone was going to fulfill my request and see here what a surprise which is highly appreciated and for which many many thanks. Dirk
  12. Anymore news since 10/09/2017 on possible release date? Dirk
  13. karmelk


    Trans Meditarenean Airways of Libanon please Dirk
  14. karmelk

    DC-6A TMA Paint

    To whom it may concern being a Airline painter, For many years have I worked as a Station Manager of TMA of Libanon at Schiphol Amsterdam. This was during the period when they flew the DC-6 A/B and B-707. Also may times did I function as a Load Master on the DC-6 flying AMS/CPH/STO/AMS and being a enthusiast Flight Simmer and as such mainly flying the PMDG DC-6, for old time sake, would I like to have a TMA PMDG DC-6A. I have no clue as to how enclose/add photographs as a possible easy reference in this mail. But incase needed please inform me how I can forward the. I thank the one doing me this favor in advance. Kind regards Dirk (The Netherlands)
  15. karmelk

    FSX activation

    Tanks cmpbellsjc, will see if this solution is either expensive and/or prolonged. Dirk