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  1. JeffreyJ

    P3D v4.5 FPS down

    Hi there, is there any possibility that some one can sent The P3D 4.4 client installer. I don’t have A backup but my fps are bad with 4.5. you can sent me a DM thank you! jef
  2. JeffreyJ

    Wing vortice issue PMDG 777

    Yeah! That did the trick! Thank you!
  3. Goodday, I have an issue with my wing voritce at the PMDG 777. Can you help me? Greetz, Jeffrey Jacobs
  4. JeffreyJ

    Sound loss by touching pc case

    No nylon carpet here, and just a normal chair. But I think it's working again!
  5. JeffreyJ

    Sound loss by touching pc case

    I think I solved the problem.... I connected the motherboard over again, and wired it different then before. I just did a small test flight and the sound was stable while touching the pc case. But thanks anyway!
  6. JeffreyJ

    Sound loss by touching pc case

    It’s during the whole flight. Yes i’ve checked the core temps, but those are fine.
  7. JeffreyJ

    Sound loss by touching pc case

    No, I didn't overclock my pc
  8. JeffreyJ

    Sound loss by touching pc case

    Yeah I try to not to touch my pc, but even when I walk trough the room the sounds stops, because of the vibration. It's really weird that this problem is just with P3D and not with other programs....
  9. Hi everyone, Since a shortwhile I expierence that my sound is lost from P3D v4 when I touch the pc case and wich eventually result in a crash (ntdll.dll). I tested it with other programs (like iTunes) but there is everything working fine. It's just with P3D. I tried both of my audio plugins. Can you help me out? Thank you in advance! Jeffrey Jacobs
  10. JeffreyJ

    Introducing New Lufthansa Cargo Livery

    Great livery! Already did some flights! Any possibility for The new livery for The NGX? thanks! jeffrey jacobs
  11. JeffreyJ

    Flying with live traffic!

    Any chance to get the older (win7) files? Thanks! Jeffrey
  12. JeffreyJ

    PROSIM did it, why not PMDG ?

    Hihi okay Kyle :-) I'm waiting patiently on the pmdg ngx update :-) Nice evening! Jeffrey
  13. JeffreyJ

    PROSIM did it, why not PMDG ?

    But IVAO is also the only network who can provide this Jeffrey
  14. JeffreyJ

    PROSIM did it, why not PMDG ?

    Hi Kyle, And why do we all have to buy ASN for the WXR radar? That's also snubbing the rest... Greetz, Jeffrey
  15. Hi Kyle, How is the PMDG 737NGX Sp1d beta progressing so far? :-) Can we expect flying in the NGX with WXR in the weekend? Greetz, Jef