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  1. I'm located in Hampton, VA. Wow...I knew I was tired when I posted this offer, but I can't believe I forgot to add the pics. My apologies gents. Here you go. If there's any particular angle or specific shot of the hardware that you'd like to see, please don't hesitate to ask. I'm more than happy to provide it. Here's pics of the two monitors... The only differences between the two monitors is the base, bezel and the rear case. They are one model number apart but all technical specifications are identical. Here's the custom center/throttle console. Each were made by me using 3/4" sanded birch plywood and 1"x 2" pine. The throttle console originally held a dual set of Saitek quads but when I upgraded to the $384 custom quad from FSX Throttle, I did some reconfiguring to mount the new quad and the 6-pack bank of switches from PC Aviator. The small ledge on the left of the throttle console is a mouse platform. You can relax your right arm and your mouse is at the perfect level for use. The even smaller black ledge on the right of the throttle console is where I mounted my small, bendable map/document light for reading flight plans, and plates while night flying. Lastly, the square hole just underneath the mouse platform is used for installing a combination on/off and dimmer switch for the map light.
  2. REDUCED PRICE!! Custom 6 axis Throttle Quad with working reverse levers, parking brake, gear lever, working trim wheel, fuel cutoff switches, TOGA button, Autopilot Cutoff button, Spoiler axis, flaps axis with notched detents. Custom paint job. Built by FSXThrottleLogitech Extreme Pro 3D joystick. Saitek yoke (Used with rubber band mod applied. Works great) with Triple Axis Throttle Box (usb) Pro Flight Rudder pedals/Toe brakesHypercloud Xtreme 7.1 Dolby Gaming headset. TrakIR Pro Head Tracking Equipment. (NOT the hat clip version! This is the pro version)Mountable bank of 6 double throw switches.Also includes two matching 23" Samsung monitors and a custom throttle console designed for the custom throttle quad and bank of switches. Also includes a matching keyboard stand with shelves to match the throttle console. (See pictures). Buyer pays for all shipping. Price is not negotiable. This is approx $800+ worth of sim hardware which works with Windows 7, 8 &10. Works with FSX, FS9, P3D v.1,2,3 & 4 as well as X-Plane 10 & 11. All switches, axis and buttons are fully programmable via the paid version of FSUIPC or XUIPC. PRICE: $200
  3. EasyE

    Consistant CTD after long hauls

    Just an update. I loaded the same identical flight that I did the day before, same time, same route, same approach, etc. This time as soon as the sim loaded I shut down the UT Live client via Task Manager and then proceeded with the flight. I'm happy to report that the flight was uneventful and I landed successfully at PHNL after approx. a 10 hour flight. So it appears that it was indeed a corrupt texture in UT Live and I strongly suspect it was one of the FedEx models I installed a couple of weeks ago. I have removed the FedEx schedules and aircraft and will of course perform further testing to be sure, but I'm cautiously positive that the issue is fixed, I sincerely thank you gentlemen for pointing me in the right direction and for all your help.
  4. EasyE

    Consistant CTD after long hauls

    Ah, I see. And it's possible that with the FedEx and UPS add-on schedules I have for UT Live may be causing a problem. Perhaps in my 747 flight into PHNL it wasn't trying to spawn the corrupted AI texture whereas in the 777 flight it was. Different times of day, so, different AI are being spawned. I hope that makes sense? I will redo the flight in question using the exact parameters as before except with UT Live disabled. I'll report back in about 11 hours, lol. Thanks to everyone for your quick and helpful suggestions. I'll let you know my results.
  5. EasyE

    Consistant CTD after long hauls

    That was my next thought beechcaptain. However, since I flew into PHNL just the other day onto the same STAR and same runway from NZAA in the PMDG QOTSII, that would rule that out, I think?
  6. EasyE

    Consistant CTD after long hauls

    The OC reports version 1.10.8448 for both the 777-200 and the 300 expansion. States "your product is up to date". (I bought it about 2-3 weeks ago)
  7. EasyE

    Consistant CTD after long hauls

    Thanks Scandinavian13, but I also have the 747QOTSII, the NGX, BB A330-340, TFDi 717 and other high end payware aircraft and none of them give me any issues at all. I do constant 10-13 hour flights in the 747 and A330-340 into high end payware airports and the flights are butter smooth. My sim settings in v4.1 are on the medium end with almost all settings at normal. I don't try to push for higher settings because I prefer a smooth sim vs maximum eyecandy. My UT live settings are at 80% density for airlines, 50% for GA with only 50 aircraft in the limitations settings. I have both tertiary and secondary roads off in Vector, my autogen distance set to medium, my LOD is on high, but as I said, all other settings are at Normal. I have zero tweaks in my P3D cfg as well. I've just completed a reinstall of the 777 with a reboot after. Its just frustrating that this is the only AC giving me issue. And not getting any type of error message to go by makes it even more frustrating. I'd give anything for an ntl.dll error right now. At least I know how to fix that, lol. I'll try another flight to test the reinstall. Perhaps it was just a faulty install? Here's hoping.....
  8. Good day. I'm suffering from an issue that may be related to others that are having CTD's, or maybe not. I'm just not sure because my Event Viewer and AppCrashView both show zero errors after the crash. On two attempts to fly from PHNL to RPLL the 777 crashed approx. 80-100 miles from TOD. I thought, maybe its a navdata issue. Then I attempted a flight from RKSI back to PHNL (FSDT) and this time I was 2500' AGL, on the LOC about to capture the GS and again, the sim just blanked out with no error whatsoever. I have not changed the setting in the FMC for the PFD popup, all drivers are up to date, NavData is up to date. I'm running FTX Global, FTX Vector, ASP3Dv4, REX TD, UT Live, P3Dv4.1 My specs: ASUS Maximus VI MOBO, i4770K(no OC), GTX 980 GPU(no OC), 12 gigs of RAM, Win 7 Home Premium (fully updated) I realize its next to impossible to track down something with no evidence to go by, but if anyone has some idea of what is causing this I would greatly appreciate any assistance you can offer. Thank you.
  9. Cancel my issue please. I just heard from Doug and all is well. Thanks.
  10. Good day. I've recently had to reinstall my OS and all sim peripherals. I've been a happy user of RCv4 for many, many years and have attempted to use the automated system but cannot receive a response with a new key. I've also checked my spam messages but no joy. I entered the correct email as stated on the application (Register@jdtllc.com) as well as the correct subject (RCv4 Key Request) and my details (-1330xxx957!Eric!Grindstaff) but no key. I also sent an email to dthompss@comcast.net (a couple of hours later) but have not as yet heard anything back. I'm hoping that Ray or someone else may be able to lend a hand? Ray helped me once before, a few years back when I had the same issue during a complete rebuild of my rig. I appreciate any help you can give. Thanks, Eric G.
  11. EasyE

    C90B updated to P3D v4

    Would be nice if they updated the installers at Flight 1 so that customers who purchased the C90 from there could use their purchase in P3D v4. Contacted Flight 1 and was told that Carenado updates their own installers on their site. So I then contacted Carenado support to ask when they would be updating the Flight 1 installers and was told that they can't give a timeline on when future aircraft will be made v4 ready. (???) I informed them that I'm not asking about 'future' aircraft, I'm asking about an aircraft that is ALREADY P3D v4 compatible but we can't download and install because they haven't updated their installers. I was promptly ignored...
  12. Hurrah! I realized that I had registered on Simtweaks with a different email than my Simmarket account. So I went to create a new account at Simtweak and it told me that the email I entered was already taken. Weird since I've never registered with Simtweaks before. So I did a password recovery, logged in and voila! I have the purchase in my account with a link to download the new version! Thanks James for your help and thank you Matt for this great tool!
  13. No worries James. Hopefully Simmarket will update from their end soon. Since I just got P3D v4 the day before yesterday I'm still in the "add-on install" mode so I've got plenty to keep me busy. I'll check Simmarket periodically throughout the day. I'm sure they'll get to when they can. Thanks for the assist.
  14. I'm not seeing anything like that on my end. SimTweaks says "no orders for this account" and of course Simmarket is what it is.
  15. Well...I must be missing something? I confirm I see the new version available on SimTweaks, but no way to download the new version without purchasing again. Simmarket still shows v2.52 on my account.