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  1. Hi all, when I first start up FSX and load PMDG 777 all works well at the plane initialises for about 20 sec. However, when I want to load a saved flight it will just show the cockpit without any screens active, I can't press any button, just pan and move around works. And it won't initialise. So I first have to load a saved flight from a non PMDG plane (e.g. Cessna) and afterwards load the PMD flight. Then it works. I wonder whats wrong and is there a better way to load PMDG flight? Thanks, Nic
  2. Ok got it...I updated the version...its kind of odd that when downloading EzDok it is not the latest version...anyway. Thanks.Nic
  3. Thanks but that does not work.. When I am in FSC and open EzDok at the addons menu I can only choose "show studio" and "global disable". When I click on show studio, I do not have the option to "LOAD CAMERA SET". I can only Import cameras to current list. This does not work as it does not reckognise the file type...any suggestions?Thanks.Nic
  4. Thanks for the file. I am new to Ezdok. Could you tell how I can install the file? Thanks.Nic
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