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  1. When flying out of uncontrolled airports I always call from the ramp for IFR clearance and am given an initial altitude with the clearance, for example 4000 ft. I'm also instructed to call at the runway for IFR release. Upon reaching the runway and calling for the IFR release I'm ALWAYS instructed to climb and maintain 2000 ft. Why 2000 when I've already been cleared to 4000 ft?
  2. Thanks, Dave, for the quick response. That will solve all problems, except when I get careless and plan for east when I'm going west; I've done it before. Loving the program. Alan
  3. My understanding is that in the USA altitudes are assigned at or above FL 410 as: Track 000-179 degrees FL 410, 450, 490, etc; Track 180-359 degrees FL 430, 470, 510, etc. P2A evidently does not follow this convention. For example, tried this morning to enter FL 430 for a flight heading west; the flight plan wouldn't take it, P2A changed it to FL 440. Alan
  4. Hi, I reinstalled RC4 on a new computer, sent the key request email from the install program, over 24 hours now and have not received a new key. Someone please help! Alan
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