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  1. The only 2 things I can think of is, 1, in activesky put the setting to direct weather control "which you have done" 2, update fsuipc to the latest version. Also double check your settings in fsuipc. Hope this helps let me know...Macky
  2. well m8, Im on my laptop now so im not sure if the one that came with Flight1's DC-6b that i have will be as good as pmdg's one. But when i go onto my FS pc ill have a look and upload it to you, Thats if you want it ??Did you do a search on the web for one ?
  3. I fly all my old aircraft lots of the times in Air Hauler, planes like, (Jetstream 4100) (ATR-72/500) (MAAM-SIM DC-3) (uiver dc-2) (JustFlight DC-2 & DC-3 & DC-6b) and there's lots of others like Carenado and eaglesoft etc etc.. Then i fly the Airliners "Good ones" on vatsim. I was just having a look on flight1's site to see what planes i had from them and i came across the Super 80 Pro, I'm thinking of getting it but first id like to know is the Professional version worth the $55 ? Well that's what i fly and if it wasn't for Air Hauler id say most of my oldies would just be building rust on them in my hanger :excl:
  4. Well i do agree with that to
  5. For sure. i did think of the same kinda thing
  6. Still tho i really thought it would of been finished long ago. Hopefully they will give us some info on it within the next 14 days :Waiting:
  7. Yea some info like above on the DC-6 wouldin do yee any harm. But dont fill the gap untill she is 100% ready, This DC-6 is gonna put yee's pilots to the test and i cant wait to sit in the hot seat with few bottles of cider and Injoy. Really looking forward to DC-6 more than the 777
  8. lol same here, every time i look theres a new email from this thread
  9. Yea i agree, a update once a month "pics or a post" im sure it wouldin be telling much about anything or nothing they dont want us to know, Plus it would make us supporters more supportive
  10. :Applause: :Applause: :Applause: :Applause:
  11. Im with you on that one Eric. Im actually looking forward to the DC-6 alot more than the B777 coz i know as long as its being made by PMDG its gonna be a very nice sim to use. Thanks
  12. Yea same here. But i will get the 777 but im really looking forward to the DC-6
  13. Thanks for clearing that up, Im not great at explaining things but thts what i ment Does icey weather affect the ngx on takeoff and landing. Would REX do the same as active sky ? I have FSUIPC and i really dont know why i got it a few years ago cos i dont know how to use it and what i use it for "Fsinn" the free version would have done the same thing lol. Thinking of getting Active Sky i was told its better than REX for weather and REX is better for clouds. So ill have to set them up to work together. My specs aint great and at the moment with REX - NGX - Aerosoft scenery running, on approach my FPS goes down to 8-13fps "Hate flying when that low" So im wondering with active sky aswell would it be worse ? Specs : Core2Duo e8400 - 4gb Ram - GTX 560TI. And its looking im going to have to stay with them for some time longer :(
  14. Hi to all fellow simmers and captains alike, First id like to say i really love the NGX and a big thanks goes to the PMDG Dev team for the man hours they still put into this excellent sim :clapping: Now id like to say im sorry if this was already talked about but i couldin find it anywhere "Not that good with PC's" so please dont eat me up if it was and i know everything aint possible. Anyway my question is the capabilities of the NGX, Like does ice affect it as it would in real life? Adding on more weight to the plane and affecting takeoff and landing. I know you would de-ice before takeoff if you had ice but im just wondering does it ? Thanks in advance to anyone that will clarify this for me. And could you tell me what other things the NGX is capable of, or even a link so i could read up on it. Thanks guys. PS: Please dont eat me if theres already talks about this or anything if just asked :Peace: