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  1. fppilot: Thank you for getting back. I followed your instructions and uninstalled, then reinstalled the Garmin trainer and then the GTN software. That all worked, except that I had to "train" McAfee Total Protection to not mess with the GTN downloads. The install took a while, but went fine. Unfortunately, I got the same exact result - Negative Function. Much checking ensued, and I found that McAfee Total Protection had decided to quarantine rxpGtnSim32.dll. I restored it from quarantine, and it did it again. I re-restored it, and saved a copy somewhere else on my computer, and then added rxpGtnSim32.dll into the exclude from real-time scanning list. I loaded P3D v5, and ... IT WORKS!! I'll bet that I probably could have done that restore and exclude thing without all the uninstalling and reinstalling, but I don't care, long as I have my GTNs back in my fleet. Call me bad, but I even have a 2D version of the GTN 750 in my A2A B-17. Really wicks off the purists. Thank you ATB
  2. It all started when I noticed a problem with the sound levels in P3D v5. In an effort to fix that, I deleted the P3D v5 client and re-installed it from my saved download. No change in the sound problem. Next I deleted two of the folders called out in Prepar3D_Download_and_Install_Instructions_v5, then restarted P3D, figuring the files would rebuild. Same sound problem, but now my GTN 650 and 750 doesn't start when I switch on the avionics in any of my aircraft. Now I've got a workaround for the sound issue, but haven't been able to get my RXP GTNs working. The Garmin Trainer is working fine. I checked the .log files in C:\Program Files (x86)\Reality XP\GTN Simulation\FltSim\64, and they all look good except for this in rxpGtnSim.dll.log: 21/02/06 17:10:57.229 02360 - ] # rxpGtnSim64.dll version 21/02/06 17:10:57.228 02360 INFO ] 21/02/06 17:13:04.850 08140 INFO ] GTN 750.1 - TRAINER 6624 21/02/06 17:13:08.142 08140 ERROR] GTN 750.1 process not ready: The specified module could not be found., code: 0000007e 21/02/06 17:13:08.145 08140 ERROR] check if file is missing or your antivirus: C:\ProgramData\Reality XP\rxpGtnSim32.dll Sure enough, that file is not in my C:\ProgramData\Reality XP folder. I'm not sure what that means, but I really miss my GTN. I use it in my MJ C-47 and all my A2A aircraft (except for the Cub, P-40, and Spitfire), and really would like to get it going again. Please help. Thank you ATB
  3. Bill: Thank you for your help on this forum! I now have an operating RXP GTN 750 in my A2A Comanche, and RXP GTN 650 in my A2A Texan! One thing I noticed, however, which is that the mouse wheel frequency changes work in the opposite direction to that in the pop-up instrument. A tiny thing, but I fixed it by opening f1vc.xml with Notepad and changing the four lines in the main section as shown: l0 12 == l0 18 == or if{ l1 8 & (>K:GPS_GROUP_KNOB_DEC) } l0 14 == l0 19 == or if{ l1 8 & (>K:GPS_GROUP_KNOB_INC) } l0 20 == l0 26 == or if{ l1 8 & (>K:GPS_PAGE_KNOB_DEC) } l0 22 == l0 27 == or if{ l1 8 & (>K:GPS_PAGE_KNOB_INC) } Maybe it's just a peculiarity of my computer, I dunno, but now I believe that's as close as I can get until A2A puts out an update with the RXP GTNs. Thank you! Seeya ATB
  4. Bina: Thank you very much for the really cool maps! I will put them to good use. Thank you ATB
  5. I think I found the answer to my problem. My problem was that I tried to export the LNV .pln for flight 19B of Bluegrass Airlines England to Australia Air Race to SkyVector. All I got was a blank SkyVector screen! I found out that it was due to there being two separate destination airports, the "real" one that shows up on SkyVector, and the "legacy" one that shows up in P3D v4! I saved the flight plan in two versions: 1) with the destination airport WIKK (Use Navigraph for all features), and 2) with destination airport WIPK (use Navigraph for navaids and procedures or do not use Navigraph database). So that problem is solved. Thank you very much. Another thing I would like to know is how to get the latest information that I download for free from https://www.aero.sors.fr/navaids3.html into P3D. That's probably a subject for a different sub-category on this board. Anybody got a link or info on that topic? Thank you ATB
  6. Thank you very much for this excellent program! I just donated twenny bux to the cause. Thank you ATB
  7. I fly out of Arlington Airport (KAWO) in Washington, USA. P3Dv4.1, AS4+ASCA, ORBX, etc. I've been having the same problem, in that I take off from Arlington and all the scenery is white, even though our lowland snow melted a few weeks ago. That is why I checked out this thread on the forum. Then I remembered that I had just flown my A2A Comanche down to Harvey Field and back and the scenery had the typical drab winter look, but the snow was gone. I was flying in actual time (approx. 1300 PST and real weather for that time) and there was no snow. One thing that may (or may not) have had an effect was that I recently deleted all the shader files in this folder: C:\Users\MyName\AppData\Local\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\Shaders, and they were all re-generated when I started AS4 then P3D. Seeya ATB
  8. Thank you. It worked for me, also! Seeya ATB
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