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  1. is the m.2 SDD meant to be the fastest drive available? if so, I believe that is just a SATA m.2 and no better than a regular form factor ssd. you need to look for "NVMe" to get the big speed upgrade for example, https://pcpartpicker.com/product/P4ZFf7/samsung-970-evo-500gb-m2-2280-solid-state-drive-mz-v7e500bw
  2. should be good . I've always gone so way over board on power supplies to be honest, I like removing that variable from a PC build.
  3. I should add I am really only talking about P3D which uses a lot more video card horsepower than FSX
  4. Well I've lived this actually lol, When i built my 6700k system OC'ed to i think 4.6 back then, I kept the 970 I had thinking it would be more than enough . Ended up going 1080 a few months later and it was a very obvious improvement, well worth it. I'm glad I didn't do it all at once or I would not have appreciated the value. The higher vram alone for these 64 bit sims is huge . 970 has 4gb right? and only uses 3.5 or something.
  5. That is quite good then. I run a 1080 with a 6700k overclocked and I can say the CPU is still the main bottleneck. I don't think you would see much benefit 1080 vs 1080Ti. You need a new power supply though. The 1080 even physically takes a second 6 or 8 pin power connector vs the single plug on your 750. I remember when i went 700 series to 900 series my power supply did not have enough physical outputs.
  6. What CPU? If as old as your 750 card you will probably be disappointed. A 550w will not be enough if used with a CPU worthy of being paired with a 1080
  7. Any plans to develop for anything xplane 11 related? (737 zibo, ixeg etc) I love the product and this is one of the only things holding me back from switching sims !
  8. very interested if there is a way to change this as well. some times looking for the field in v4 is just looking for where the autogen is blank - its odd. didnt annoy me so much before when the detail was very little if anything that far away
  9. i kind of prefer the bent truth of the NGX. i can watch youtube videos if i want to see the real thing. much easier to see around
  10. Do you notice a difference in performance with everything you could network turned off ? I don't but system is prettyhigh end and I'm using process lasso for the addons to use the last couple threads. If you don't either network pc is waste of time. If you do I guess the gain is theoretically somewhere between the off and on hah. Sounds like old thinking though if you have a newer quad core system.
  11. I'm an word not allowed, you need the option UNTICKED, and it works. I'm used to software having the default to take up a taskbar slot, with option to be in the notification/icon area. Chaseplane is the opposite. Uncheck minimize to taskbar and you'll have your icon back
  12. This is a minor annoyance issue but maybe someone knows a trick I don't.. Chaseplane for months in windows 7 minimized /closed to taskbar icon area per the settings I chose, upgraded to windows 10 and it worked fine shortly, now it does not. Doesn't matter if I run as admin or not, or let it open automatically with V4 , or start chaseplane manually. I have so much open when flying on vatsim with a VA and charts that having chaseplane take up a whole 'slot' now in windows vs. the little icon is just.. a little annoying. Anybody have an idea ?
  13. and try it with another aircraft , takes out another variable - you uninstalled the NGX completely for v4 reinstall right? not sure if that could harm but that was the instructions
  14. your AA setting is different, minor but worth for the sake of experiment traffic tab is same, or all 0? I have a similar system and have only a couple hours playing with V4 but I have v-sync off now with better results somehow? i would flick that off and see... but i have not been scientific about it yet , so many things to play with and set up again since I took the v4 opportunity as an excuse to upgrade and reformat to windows 10... what about video drivers? are you on the newest or clinging to older because of that vas leak stuff a few months ago? New might benefit V4 ? lastly - do this test with weather cleared . that takes out a major variable , not sure if you have Active sky or similar running in these shots ?
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