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  1. can someone make this livery please! Malaysia Airlines System ( Retro Jet 9M-MXA )
  2. any chance for Malaysia Airlines 9M-MMS -700 livery , please ! !
  3. Malaysia Airlines 737-700WL Please . . .
  4. Malaysian Airlines for the -700WL please :( :( :( B) B)
  5. Malaysian airlines for the -700WL please
  6. Make this paint for the 700 NGX please also this one
  7. can someone make this malaysian livery for the 600 ngx ? ?
  8. okay i'll give it a try and take a dekko later if this works well and thnks for your advise julian . . .
  9. yeah i know that julian , i've been suss bout that , btw if we make a new thread others will not reply to our because maby there is another same threads , that makes me more googled . . .
  10. do anyone have problems with the standby attitude indicator , it dosent work as it should be , the standby attitude indicator should be working normally but it freezzzeee i dont know why , try to use the round attitude indicator at your ngx and look how it react . . . yeah this round standby attitude isint working ,can someone help me how fix this problemmmm ? ? ?
  11. u're welcome and keep the good work Crankpin ,i know you can do it , i'd try more then 10 times to make one repaintbut i fail i'm not good enough on editing stuff in photoshop . .Thnks for your hard works . . .
  12. WOW!!!! Crankpin this repaint is more then perfect , great job and thnk u verry much you're the man . . .one request again if you don't mine , can u make Malaysia Airlines Livery again ? this time make it looks clean and brand new .it all up to you , u wanna make it or not its fine for me , thnks Crankpin . . .
  13. here's the malaysia airlines download link for yaahttp://library.avsim.net/esearch.php?DLID=161783&CatID=fsxacrp
  14. yes make it grungy thnks Crankpin you're da best
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