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  1. Check out this article- http://superuser.com/questions/951960/windows-7-sp1-windows-update-stuck-checking-for-updates. After using these options on 3 of my Win7 machines, updates are running much quicker.
  2. Was afraid after browsing Aerosoft Forums regarding the VAS usage, but took the plunge. My Specs - i5 Sandy bridge 2500 3.3 OC to 4.5, NVidea 580 graphics card, 8 GB RAM. Recreated UAL690 from KEWR to EDDF using the PMDG777. FSX-MS, ASN, Rex Soft Clouds & Water, FTX Global, Ultimate Terrain. PreciptFX. It was overcast & raining at EDDF. ASN in historical mode (force to simtime) All scenery off except for Flightbeam, FSDreamteam airports (KJFK,KORD,KDEN,KPHX,KIAH,KDFW,KLAX,CYVR,PHNL) Used Imaginesim KEWR, DDesign Manhatan Demo, and of course the new EDDF. Settings as follows -Level of detail Med, Mesh 100, Resolution 5m, Texture 60, Water 2XLow, Scenery Complexity Extremely Dense, Autogen Sparse, UT2 traffic at 70% (gen aviation off), Airport Vehicle min, Road Vehicles 4%. Cloud layers 4, 500X500 Cloud Textures, No interior or exterior shadows. VAS around 2.4 from beginning all the way to about 6 miles out from EDDF, when it shot up to 3.42. But, I made it to engine shutdown and AES jetway activation. Frames averaged around 18-19 at EDDF ( by the way frames were around 13-14 at KEWR).
  3. I fly into KEGE 2 times a year on United KEWR-KEGE (seasonal). Talked to the pilot about a year ago & he confirmed there is an ILS. He said that because of the steep glidepath, it is not allowed to be fully automated. If you access the altitude info on Flightaware.com on the commercial ariline flights into EGE, you will see that on the commercial flights (heavy iron), the planes are close to final approach speeds on final turn towards the airport, & usually decent at a rate of about 1000-1200 FPM. I can also state that the landing gear is usually extended at or right after final turn (Aqula INT). The referenced document from the Eagle site also lists takeoff maximum wieghts for commercial jets, Even then, I've noticed on takeoff that flaps are usually not retracted until around FL150. The ORBX scenery is great, except for the incorrect glideslopes. Also, the parking assignments for gates 1-8 are old & not current (unfortunately also reflected in the static aircraft). Gate 1 is usually reserved for de-icing. Local restrictions only allow 1 plane to be de-iced at a time. Current Heavy iron into KEGE during winter season United (KEWR , KIAH, KORD), AAL (KLAX,KDFW, KMIA), Delta (KATL), ACA (CYYZ), Allegiant air (KOAK in 2016-2017). United has DASH-8-400 flights from KDEN several times daily. Ed Lee
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