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  1. I'll reserve judgement when i'll see better, until now the cluds type are still the same but for 70$ i'd like see all variants as Cumulus, nembocumuus, stratum ecc and mixed togheder as rex4 with sc16. while in vide the is all uniform, the same goes for the thickness of the clouds
  2. Hello, i'm using last version and seems to be working fine but i've, however, a question. I see clouds and consolle message about visibility but if a go into weathe tab of xplane, the weather is ever set all clear. Is it normal?
  3. How have you solved? I've 2 version of python 2.7.3 and 3.5.1 that use for orthoxp
  4. I performed lot of tests but without any good result, the custo py file is not load from XP, at this point for me this plugins is unsable...i need to wait the beta4 with auto settings with Noaa In feature, rth will be compatibile?
  5. However the line 403 of original file is setClouds = [] Is the guide wrong?
  6. I agree, i've lot of problem for customize py file, i believe that the custom version should be inlclude on pack, at the moment i can't use the product
  7. Hello, I've done this test. First the Check symbol and it's correct (however Notepad ++ say if a tag is wrong), comment the correct value (last base) and uncomment other but plugin is not load also I've tried to comment the self visibility using the default but plugin continue to be not load in xp
  8. Not for me, these are my modifed lines: # self.clouds = [] # for i in range(3): # self.clouds.append({ # 'top': EasyDref('"sim/weather/cloud_tops_msl_m[%d]"' % (i), 'float'), # 'bottom': EasyDref('"sim/weather/cloud_base_msl_m[%d]"' % (i), 'float'), # 'coverage': EasyDref('"sim/weather/cloud_type[%d]"' % (i), 'int'), # # XP10 'coverage': EasyDref('"sim/weather/cloud_coverage[%d]"' % (i), 'float'), # }) self.visibility = EasyDref('sim/multiplayer/position/plane19_speedbrake_ratio', 'float') # setClouds = [] Where is the error?
  9. Hi, yes, I use notepad ++ and it show 'fload' in black and not in gray because the ' was wrong, i've correct btu noaa plugin is not load in XP. Is there a metod to upload my python file? may be that other eyes watch an error that i don't find
  10. Hi, i've follow teh nstruction but when edit the phyton file of noaa Xplane not load. I' don't understund where i can wrong, i'm programmer and edit file every day...are only 9 line and need only a # in the head of any rows. I've the latest version of noaa plugin, i've removed any script on RTH but nothing to do. Is ther a phyton log to understund where is the erros? Thanks in advance
  11. The other post don't say nothing..because nobody know if and when. I'm an fanatic of Xplane from 2 years after i've spent years and years with FS, FSX, P3D and i'll never come back. My opinion is that is totally insane continue to develop produts for dead platform and don't perform a porting into platform in development , ever update with last driver support and etc etc, BUT...the reasons are the profit and actually Xplane don't give enoght profit to migrate. I suppose that DC-6 is a test to know how it work (xplane) and how the customers "answer", after they will do own considerations. Luckly in XP we have 733 that is superior (imho) to the PMDG but i continue to dream, and hope to see a NGX for Xplane in a not far future..because the actually NGX for xplane are bad. Thank at all and happy landings
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