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  1. I run FTXC2 and it started to update back to 160528 again. And no "hybrid mode" as well.
  2. I have same experience. I followed instructions and updated ftx central 2 and orbx libraries. Now I have "hybrid mode" ,which was not presented in previous version, again.
  3. Thank you, I checked some screenshots on ORBX site already. It looks same as my scenery in FSX. So I suppose that my Open LC NA works fine. Regards,
  4. Hi, Do I need to uninstall FTX Global Base, Vector, and Open LC before installing FS Global 2010 into FSX? I Have DVD pack of FS Global (R2). Should I buy upgrade for FTX? What is difference? Is it just covering of Canada and P3D installer? Regards,
  5. I have ORBX Global. However Open LC Europe has 10 areas in Scenery library and Open LC NA just 2. I can't see any difference with Open LC NA. Also my Niagara falls slightly differ from screenshot on ORBX web page. I am not sure if there is P3D or FSX on their screenshots but mine is slightly different.
  6. Hi, I just installed Open LC NA to FSX. I have only 2 scenery area of ORBX NA in FSX Scenery library: ORBX!OPENLC_NAMERICA1 and ORBX!OPENLC_NAMERICA2. Is that correct?
  7. It is confusing because when I land in Insbruck runway 26, I have sometimes green Single CH and sometimes yellow Single CH.
  8. Thank you for information
  9. Hello, What is difference between yellow and green Single CH? I saw green Single CH on some video but I can not get it during landing. I have always yellow one.
  10. but after reinstall it was not required to insert activation key.
  11. And how many activations I can make on one PC? I have reinstalled PMDG 737NGX already once.
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