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  1. DuntoiRab


    I also have this problem, but my install is over 5 years old now and I will NOT reinstal until this PC dies forcing me to buy a new one. Then I wil fix the problem. For now I simply live with it. BTW, it's the Carib area, at least 4 different versions of various islands in there and I ain't gonna feck with it any more :-)
  2. DuntoiRab

    Freeware scenery listings

    Just tried it and nothing came up.
  3. DuntoiRab

    UK2000 Scenery 1-8 for FS9 has gone Freeware!

    I've used a mixture of the parts and extreme series for years.
  4. DuntoiRab

    Captainsim 757 version 2.2, How is it?

    I have the QW 757 and enjoy it a lot, CS seem to be better with the likes of the 707, which I have but haven't gotten round to learning it yet. But I would definetly reccomend the iFly 747, a super a/c, I think it's the best we'll get in FS9. I love the three FMCs, all the info you need is there. And it has a working terrain radar. Just fantastic.
  5. DuntoiRab

    All Carenado FS9 products 80% off

    I only tried the 208 for a very short time so can't comment. The others are great. I hope the Caravan is useable. I want to try some stevo1kenevo style flying down Florida way.
  6. DuntoiRab

    All Carenado FS9 products 80% off

    Bought 4 a/c today. KIng Air Centurion Skymaster Grand Caravan Takes my Carenedo hangar to 7 a/c The C337 is fantastic followed by the King Air
  7. DuntoiRab

    Why PMDG not freeware?

    iFly 747 V2.0 is miles better than my old PMDG 747. I find it way more immersive.
  8. DuntoiRab

    Engine Failures

    I know what it was now. Both models have an engine top temp switch. It prevents full throttle movement to protect against over cooking the engines. Because of the slow sluggish climb performance I had switched ETT of and firewalled the throttles. Now I know the models have hot engine shuit downmodeledin them. Kind of cool, you learnstuff all the time.
  9. DuntoiRab

    Engine Failures

    This is strange. Three times today, 2x in the DM BAC1-11 and 1x in the DM HS Trident 3, I experienced total engine failure. Upon checking the failure tab on each occassion the red checks were in the failed boxes e1 2 and 3 for the Tri jet, 1 and 2 for the Speys. Now, never, ever in my 15 plus years of simming have I set failures. I am not interested in those scenarios. What or how could failures be set whitout my knowledge? I haven't a clue and would appreciate any ideas. FYI, no new a/c have been installed, just a coupleof freeware sceneries I need for our current classic BA a/c tour of Europe. TIA
  10. Just for information, my 5 year old FS9 install is default. W7 i3 CPU and a cheap GPU. Never had any issues. If it ain't broke, don't fix it is my motto. So,I don't fanny about with selecting sceneries prior to flight, it would look wierd if I never saw any airports crusing from Glasgow to Larnaca for example. Yes, lots of a/c causes a long load time, I just put the kettle on and have a smoke!
  11. Is it possible to convert fsx textures to FS9? I found a iFly 747 Iron Maiden paint for fsx bbut not fs9. Cheers
  12. DuntoiRab

    Sound Query

    I made the suggested change and I hear a difference, the fade is not as pronounced as before. Thank you.
  13. DuntoiRab

    Sound Query

    Yes it does. My OP was rushed as I was leaving for work and had spent 2 hours searching. I'm sure I've seen something about it. It is as though there is an imbalance in the sound output after a switch is clicked. Imust add that it is mainly with a/c such as the iFly 747 and 737, Wilco Airbus, etc. Well, as I never use freeware or default a/c it's all of them I sippose :-). OT Installed your FSEvo last week, loving it, thanks so much. JJ describes the effect perfectly.
  14. DuntoiRab

    Sound Query

    I have looked through the forum and haven't found anything, appologies if I missed it. When I click a switch in 2D or VC, the click is loud and casues a few seconds of fade in the general sound on the flight deck. What causes this? I run onboard Realtec, or whatever sound. Thanks.