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    CFII/MEI, FAA Wright Brothers Master Pilot Award recipient, P3D Pro subscriber.
  1. M20E-TN

    P3D 4.1 compatiblility

    Ed, are you SURE that you're not tiring yet? I'm tiring for you! Jim
  2. M20E-TN

    P3D 4.1 compatiblility

    Well-stated, Ed (yet again). I suspect you're growing weary of having to repeat yourself!
  3. Hi Olivier. I see no replies to your January post, but I suspect you've already reached a resolution by installing the most recent 530W. Jim
  4. M20E-TN

    GNS 530 WAAS - BRG?

    Bert and Ed, thanks to you both. Ed, is page 192 from the 530W Series Pilot's Guide and Reference what you're referring to? (sorry to seem dense, but maybe it's cuz I am! :unsure: ): http://static.garmincdn.com/pumac/190-00357-00_0J_Web.pdf
  5. Hi Ed, This is my first post, and I must start it with a big THANKS for making your fine "gauge" even better with REALNAV/WAAS. I also must ask for assistance (forgive the redundancy if this has been answered, as I haven't found it). Please direct me to the correct section in the 530W Series Pilot's Guide & Reference where BRG is covered. I find TRK, but not BRG. Again, apologies if I need an eyewear (or brain) update. Jim
  6. Well guys, I'm both disappointed and pleased to report that I reverted to the original configuration which I found to be failing, and it's now working as designed. I can't say this is a first, as in more than 40 years in IT, I've seen it many times: run a trace, dump memory at a crucial point, or if all else seems to fail, restart every component on whatever platform you're using, and voila! In this particular case, Windows Update installed maintenance and enforced a restart. All is well. The upshot: no resolution due to no problem! This is very unsettling, but I'll get over it...onward!
  7. Update after being out of town (Reno National Championship Air Races) for several days: This session is now working after I deleted the following from PANEL.CFG for the Bravo: Window01=Radio Stack Window02=GPS Window03=Annunciator Window04=Overhead Panel Window05=Mini Panel I have no notion yet as to why this matters, and it may well be incidental, as I may have inadvertently made another change. That's difficult to accept, however, since I've only been on the PC (Master) for about an hour and confirmed that the VC panel was still not responding (normally clickable switches were not clickable in IG mode) On a whim, I decided to simplify the panel contents just for "fun", lacking any sound ideas. In any case, voila! I'll edit again, or reply (probably a better option at this point) when I have more information. No one else must care, however, noting the dearth (zero!) of replies to this post. Marking this solved, although the resolution is not clear. I may post back with new information as it becomes available, i.e., as I make new discoveries. PS: looking forward to V2! Jim
  8. Thanks Vaughn! I've "sworn off" FSX, but if I had not, how would I go about implementing a Multi-channel configuration in FSX? Perhaps you're referring to Wideview or Multiplayer? Asking out of ignorance, as I never had need of PC-PC commication while an FSX user.
  9. I'm feeling very lonely, as I seem to be the only P3D user on the planet with this issue (found no solutions on the LM P3D forum). Maybe I'll get lucky over here. P3D (V1.4 Pro) works beautifully in Single Session (no IG) mode, but when I initiate a multi-channel Master session (Slave does not need to be started), no control input, from hardware controllers or mouse, are recognized on the Master, i.e., no input is communicated to P3D, no control surface movements are displayed on the aircraft (default Mooney Bravo used for testing). All hardware controllers are still detected and can be calibrated via the OS, but are not seen by the sim. The Slave PC monitors (2, attached via DH2GO) show the desired view defined (IG View 1, in my case: cockpit to right side, external). Master: Gigabyte G41M-ES2L/4GB/2.6GHz/Win7 32-bit Slave: Asus P9X79-LE/4GB/3.8GHz/Win7 32-bit I can post my SIMIG.XML, or any other XML/CFG files on request. Thanks in advance for for any hints! Jim