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  1. After spending almost all day trying to figure it out, i noticed something. There is an essential difference between p3d v2 and p3d v3. In v2, the mcdu window is prompted from the views menu. In v3 the mcdu window is prompted from the vehicle menu. my guess is, this results in Vrisim not being able to interact with the mcdu window in P3D v3. After digging through all the ini files in vrisim, there was noting that i could edit to point vrisim in the right direction. Does anybody have an idea how to fix it? One thing i tried was mouse macro’s in fsuipc, but the pmdg md11 does not play nice....... also no Lvars or anything. the pmdg MD11 uses keystrokes for numbers and letters. That i could program in fsuipc. But i can only use the mouse for the other functions like nav/rad, init, dir-intc. key2 mouse was once a solution for FSX, but it did not work for me in p3d. does anybody know of an alternative for mouse mapping? All suggestions are welcome. cheers
  2. Hi everyone, Hopefully someone can point me in the right direction. When using Vrisim in P3D v3, I can not change the position of the (un)docked fms/fmc/mcdu window. For the 737ngx i can move the panel by mouse. For other addons, the panel position and size matter, because mouse actions are needed and vrisim needs the coordinates. In P3D v2 vrisim worked well. is there anything indeed to do for P3D v3. Andy digital; do you have any idea? kind regards
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